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  1. BlackShadauw

    GLTF dont apply alpha/transparency

    @dbawel Thanks for your opinion, Yea i maybe will pass under babylon format... I avoided it until now to have an easy setting texture in glTF format that i could not have with .byblon as i saw. I avoided .babylon too, to have cycle for a more realistic texture render.
  2. BlackShadauw

    GLTF dont apply alpha/transparency

    Hi @V!nc3r, Thanks yea finaly the transparencyMode did the trick. But this is sad to pass by BJS when using glTF for that kind of stuff. My glTF alpha, alphamode etc values are not applied on the Material object in Babylon In chrome inspector i have these (as you can see before that's not what I made.. well never mind) albedoTexture:undefined alpha:1 alphaCutOff:0.4 alphaMode:2
  3. Hi guys, I am stuck an don't find any workable solution on the web. I would like to apply transparency on a simple box (with / or without UV mapp), but if in my Blender it seems to be OK, in my BSJ scene it dosent work, the transparency dosen't apply . Any idea what could be missing ?
  4. BlackShadauw

    How to camera go upstairs !

    @max123 Thanks a lot for your very helpfull setCollisionsByPrefix´╗┐. I was looking to have nice functionable stairs, now it is
  5. BlackShadauw

    GLTF dont load material

    @dbawel Thanks for your advice. I tryied blend4web anyway, it a heavy (Go) and huge add-ons, that have make my blender much longer to launch. It give many usefull tools to set up very easly a scene with every thing we need like for exemple FPS functions A new "realtime render" engine that need to have specific use of textures but still with using nodes that its is nice. Many nodes system to aplly colision, events, action on our scen that avoid any lines code, that is awesome. But yea i have the feeling that i completely relying on this company and i dont like it. Well for now i fill stay on Babylon with gltf file that suite me welle, but caost many times to (for now, it is the begining) to have result For Info guys, no more error or special issues, thanks a lot for your help
  6. BlackShadauw

    GLTF dont load material

    Hi thanks a lot for your help this very nice. the html file is fine and texture you is now loading correctly. I still have the error message from blender when exporting even with you t.blend file. I will try to fixe it by re-installing all.. but now i can go further. I found an other framework blend4web, is it more efficient to use it as babylon with blender ?
  7. BlackShadauw

    GLTF dont load material

    Hi, still not working like that Did you have any other idea ? Or maybe did you have a simple functionnal (that export texture in gltf file) blend file that i can use as reference to explore how it works ?
  8. BlackShadauw

    GLTF dont load material

    Hi, thanks a lot for your answer. I tryed what you said and followed the correct way as it is show here : But i have an error and i can't export. Any idea what i am doing wrong ?
  9. BlackShadauw

    GLTF dont load material

    Hi guys, no there is no error in the console. Here is my file No i did not use the gltf github repo, cause my plane (it is a test) is not in metal. Its only an imported image apply to a plane this is all a test to apply materials to learn how for a more complicated scene t.blend
  10. BlackShadauw

    GLTF dont load material

    Hi guys, I will try to render material in the same way as this PG : but when i am exporting my gltf file with blender, no texture are apply, not enven a simple picture in a plane. can you help me to understand what happend? my texture is in the same folder as my .bin and .gltf file index2.html t.gltf