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  1. Hello everyone! I have pointerover event and i want to get the element i point on (hover on).But when i use event.currentTarget , it is null,also tried with which is also null. Any suggestions ? sprite.on('pointerover',function(event){console.log(,event.currentTarget)}); // target and currentTarget are null
  2. new PIXI.filters.GlowFilter(15,6,6,0xffe400,0.1); glow filter.
  3. tried sir, does not work, same fps drop!
  4. Hello everyone! I found that using filters to multiple sprites is causing frame drop(in my case 25 filters). After the frame is dropped, if i remove filters via console , the frame is again 59.9-60.0 . I will append image to show you what i mean.The way i append filter to sprite is in this way : var spritesLen = 25; for(var i=0;i<spritesLen;i++){ someSprite[i].filters = [myFilter] } I hope there is a fix to this issue :) Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone! I want to ask, how can i check what each atlas contains(data) after loading multiple atlases ? game.load.atlas('atlas', 'mg-game-objects-0.png', 'mg-game-objects-0.json'); game.load.atlas('atlas2','roullet/roullet.png' ,'roullet/roullet_atlas.json' );