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  1. prob

    phaser 3 Multiple image Animation

    function preload () { this.load.image('blast0', '/assets/blast0.png'); this.load.image('blast1', '/assets/blast1.png'); this.load.image('blast2', '/assets/blast2.png'); this.load.image('blast3', '/assets/blast3.png'); this.load.image('blast4', '/assets/blast4.png') } function create () { this.anims.create({ key: 'explosion', frames: [ { key: 'blast0' }, { key: 'blast1' }, { key: 'blast2' }, { key: 'blast3' }, { key: 'blast4' } ], frameRate: 10, repeat: 1 }); this.add.sprite(500, 500, 'blast0').play('explosion'); }
  2. prob

    Pop-up window

    After you preload all of your assets, you could either create the container with all of the contents and position it off screen (and position/tween in), or just add it on the fly as needed. You could also have a seperate scene that has all of the pop up content, but that might be overkill depending on the complexity of the pop up assets and functionality. A benefit of going the scene route is that you could pause the game scene when the popup scene is active.
  3. prob

    Tilemap Displays Grid Lines (Render Artifacts)

    this.cameras.main.followOffset.set(x, y), for both your initial setup/create and your update loop inputs:
  4. So if you remove the file loads from the preload the game runs (albeit without image/atlas files)? Can you debug the app in a simulated environment? Also, can you verify that the file path where the unzipped assets are is correct?
  5. prob

    Help with using the Phaser3 Framework

    Getting started with Phaser 3
  6. prob

    Restart timeline?

    There doesn't seem to be a restart method, not sure why. In your case you may be able to address it by setting the timeline to an infinite loop, and having the last ending tween pause the timeline onComplete. All subsequent timeline animations can be to resume the timeline.
  7. prob

    Interactive Rectangle fill

    Not sure what your current setup is without any code, but there's a good introduction and explanation on the Phaser 3 Input Manager from the dev logs here and here.
  8. prob

    spirte bounds position wrong

    Can you just remove the setOrigin?
  9. prob

    Phaser 3 HUD Menu

    With Phaser 3, you can create a HUD/UI overlay with a scene that is active at the same time as your main game scene (or scenes). Every scene has its own set of inputs, game objects, cameras and more; so the camera setup in one scene is totally separate from every other scene. You can start/restart/stop/pause and change the render order (the scene layering or depth) with the Scene Manager.
  10. prob

    Cannot read property add() of undefined

    No, States are now Scenes: