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  1. prob

    Best Skeletal Animation Library

    It's actually currently under development (Spine support), hence the note about not using in production; the current status is noted in the latest dev log.
  2. prob

    Update tween END value

    You need to define the x value in your initial global 'tween', and then update it (one example here). Also, don't use setTimeout. If you need similar functionality user a Phaser time event.
  3. prob

    How to replace arrow keys with wasd movement?

    this.input.keyboard.on('keydown_W', function (event) { // W key down }); or this.input.keyboard.on('keydown', function (event) { // Any key down, check event });
  4. prob

    Tweening a Container

    You'll have to be more specific when you stay "tween". Any position or transform property of a container affects the children of the container. If you wanted to do something else, then you'd just getAll the children of a container and iterate through them.
  5. Phaser 3 Docs: Specific info regarding containers and using masks:
  6. prob

    Take a screenshot to hide the change of state

    As there are no states anymore, and you can run multiple scenes simultaneously, I think your question may be moot. But, if you do want to capture an image of your current scene, you could do so with a RenderTexture.
  7. prob

    Object Orientation and Events

    You're not directly handling browser onClick or other input events; all input is handled through the InputPlugin.js here. One benefit of this is you're handling both mouse and touch events with a pointer object (or multiple pointers). Input events are in the above link are all emitted from processDownEvents, processDragEvents, processMoveEvents, processOverOutEvents, and processUpEvents methods.
  8. prob

    How to make buttons in phaser 3?\game%20object\sprite%20example.js
  9. prob

    How to make buttons in phaser 3?\input\game object\over and out events.js
  10. prob

    How to make phaser game full screen?

    You could also set it up as a Progressive Web App, without Cordova, and hide the browser UI.
  11. Install this plugin and give it a try.
  12. prob

    Skewing an Image

    Yes, in WebGL, using a Quad.
  13. I'd suggest checking your console for the Cordova build to see what the specs are for the actual Phaser canvas element. Are you using any plugins for the statusbar? Also, with the recent fix to the game resolution, you can set the pixel ratio in the game config (resolution: window.devicePixelRatio) and not worry about it after that, and just use
  14. If you're going to be using Cordova, it's very helpful to understand what the CSP is and how it can be configured. I'd recommend this write up regarding the various directives. Once you have a configuration that works in local testing, attempt to do an Android build and test that on device, if possible. I would guess that the issue may be with xhr loader in iOS.
  15. prob

    Phaser Destroy GameObjects

    You'd need to post more complete code, because there is no context as to what this is referencing.