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  1. prob

    phaser 3 touch listeners

    You'd need to post the code in question to get any idea of what's going on.
  2. prob

    Tween inside mouseover event

    The issue is not with Phaser, but with the context of your mouseover tween. Give this a read:
  3. prob

    Hello world (particles) not working in 3.11

    Try removing the blendMode from the emitter.
  4. prob

    Scratch effect but with different images as a mask

    This is nice, thanks for the example. Have you tried implementing the getFilledInPixels function in the original example?
  5. prob

    landscape dimensions

    Perhaps you could share any insights you've obtained regarding this, as this sort of follow up will help others searching for similar content in the future.
  6. prob

    multiple timelines

    Your second this.tween.timeline is out of scope; 'this' has no reference to tweens.timeline. You can define: var _this = this; ...outside of the first tween, and in the onComplete call: _this.tweens.timeline.
  7. prob

    Tween sprite with multiple text

    There is a large collection of running code samples here you can reference. The browser (any browser) stops updating tabs when it is minimized.
  8. prob

    Load SVG containing multiple images

    Thanks for this info. Are you creating the sprite sheet manually?
  9. prob

    SVG in a TileSprite

    I've just started testing SVGs in Phaser 3, and they can be a little wonky. One thing to check first is to make sure the SVG has a height and width defined in the XML.
  10. prob

    Error when trying to animate

    You'd have to post your code that is generating the error.
  11. prob

    Launch Scene And Close It

    If you just keep track of your active scene, you can use scene.switch, which sleeps one scene and starts the other.
  12. prob

    Red glow mask canvasborder

    The simplest route would be to create a PNG/SVG image of the damage effect, size it the canvas, and then tween the opacity/alpha of the object in and out. You could also look into using a graphics object (fillRect) with a gradient/alpha tint (although you may need four of them, to properly configure the tint/alphas), using lights, or applying a mask.
  13. prob

    Custom Font

    You can convert it to a bitmap font (which you can do online here) and add it as a Bitmaptext object.
  14. So now that you can add multi touch, what is the proper way to remove a pointer?
  15. prob

    show hand cursor on mouse over

    You can include it in the setInteractive config: .setInteractive( { useHandCursor: true } );