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  1. Do you play Hearthstone? Magic The Gathering? Passionate about gaming and frontend technologies? We’d love to hear from you! We have an ambitious mission at Horizon Blockchain Games: We’re ushering in a new category of gaming by developing and leveraging breakthrough blockchain technologies. We’re building a future where players own the game and where gamers can play-to-earn. Imagine a gamer in India who earns a living playing games. We’re making that happen. We believe blockchain technologies offer a future of economic freedom, independence and sharing never before seen. And we believe that gaming will be blockchain’s killer app that ushers in the mainstream adoption of these technologies and allows this future to manifest. Our vision is bold. Call us crazy. Call us romantic. But if you aim for Mars you’ll land on the Moon. The gaming industry will never be the same. And we think we have the team to do it. We’re a group of technologists, successful entrepreneurs, open-source enthusiasts, dreamers, lovers, artists, mathematicians and storytellers. We also just closed our latest funding round from some incredible and well-known investors. Our first title, SkyWeaver, a digital trading card game, is currently in development and we are looking for a Game Developer to join our growing team. We have built a custom game engine called gg.js (Good Game) that is a framework to write reactive, turn-based games using React, redux and three.js. It's pretty cool. Responsibilities: Extending the engine and implementing SkyWeaver using it; Open sourcing our engine and continuing the community effort around it; We love TypeScript, three.js and React. We hope you do, too. Requirements: Work remotely or onsite from our Toronto office; Open-source contributor a big plus; Up-to-date on the latest frontend and gaming technologies. We are committed to diversity and encourage applicants from all backgrounds, genders and faiths. While we want to build a great game, we also want to build a great team and culture. The best way to do that is attract talented minds from all areas and to have their experience as humans come to the fore in their work. If this excites you, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you.