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  1. I am sorry if this topic exists already, but I struggle with this problem now for hours and I have no clue how to solve it. I created a tilemap in tiled, and there is a layer which uses multiple tilesets. However, if I want to create a new Dynamic Layer with Phaser, I have to specify one tileset for the layer: var dekoimg = map.addTilesetImage('spikes'); var layer = map.createDynamicLayer('Deko', dekoimg, 0,0); Is there a way to use multiple tilesets instead of only one? Thanks in advance
  2. Try to pass the name of the layer, instead of the ID in the createStaticLayer function grass = map.createStaticLayer('grass',tileset,0,0); Simply pass the name of the layers to this function. It worked out for me
  3. Start here. As you don't want to handle physics in card games your ideas should be pretty easy to realize
  4. I would suggest you load your images the same way as in the official tutorial function preload() { // in this function you LOAD all files images and so on // first parameter is the key, second the path to your png this.load.image('loading','assets/laptop.png') } function create() { // in this function you actually add the images to the scene // with the next line you actually add the image to your scene this.add.image(500, 300, 'loading'); } I got the same error when the file was unable to load for a different reason, i.e. No access right to the folder
  5. Hey everybody, I am working on a small plattformer to get started. Therefore, I created a tilemap with Tiled. Everything works out, but if I want to use an image Collection instead of a tilesetimage I get the following error message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '2' of undefined at AssignTileProperties (phaser.js:84823) at ParseJSONTiled (phaser.js:46874) at Parse (phaser.js:46984) at ParseToTilemap (phaser.js:22869) at GameObjectCreator.tilemap (phaser.js:84313) at Scene.create (main.js:62) at SceneManager.create (phaser.js:62975) at SceneManager.loadComplete (phaser.js:62872) at LoaderPlugin.emit (phaser.js:2894) at LoaderPlugin.processComplete (phaser.js:93459) Does anyone know how to use a collection image in Phaser 3?
  6. Wow great game! And nice boss fight!