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  1. cesco_p

    Multiple Tilesets for one layer

    I am sorry if this topic exists already, but I struggle with this problem now for hours and I have no clue how to solve it. I created a tilemap in tiled, and there is a layer which uses multiple tilesets. However, if I want to create a new Dynamic Layer with Phaser, I have to specify one tileset for the layer: var dekoimg = map.addTilesetImage('spikes'); var layer = map.createDynamicLayer('Deko', dekoimg, 0,0); Is there a way to use multiple tilesets instead of only one? Thanks in advance
  2. cesco_p

    How make overlay layers for CSV into Phaser 3?

    Try to pass the name of the layer, instead of the ID in the createStaticLayer function grass = map.createStaticLayer('grass',tileset,0,0); Simply pass the name of the layers to this function. It worked out for me
  3. cesco_p

    Cards game like blackjack

    Start here. As you don't want to handle physics in card games your ideas should be pretty easy to realize
  4. I would suggest you load your images the same way as in the official tutorial function preload() { // in this function you LOAD all files images and so on // first parameter is the key, second the path to your png this.load.image('loading','assets/laptop.png') } function create() { // in this function you actually add the images to the scene // with the next line you actually add the image to your scene this.add.image(500, 300, 'loading'); } I got the same error when the file was unable to load for a different reason, i.e. No access right to the folder
  5. cesco_p

    Tilemap ImageCollection

    Hey everybody, I am working on a small plattformer to get started. Therefore, I created a tilemap with Tiled. Everything works out, but if I want to use an image Collection instead of a tilesetimage I get the following error message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '2' of undefined at AssignTileProperties (phaser.js:84823) at ParseJSONTiled (phaser.js:46874) at Parse (phaser.js:46984) at ParseToTilemap (phaser.js:22869) at GameObjectCreator.tilemap (phaser.js:84313) at Scene.create (main.js:62) at SceneManager.create (phaser.js:62975) at SceneManager.loadComplete (phaser.js:62872) at LoaderPlugin.emit (phaser.js:2894) at LoaderPlugin.processComplete (phaser.js:93459) Does anyone know how to use a collection image in Phaser 3?
  6. cesco_p

    Tilemap & File Pack Project Template

    Wow great game! And nice boss fight!