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  1. Looks great, but I'm curious why you choosed such an art style, I mean pixelated characters. Why not more detailed ones?
  2. Actually most of RPG online games are using TCP. Article you are reffering to is mega old (I read it like 5 years ago at least) and it's not really accurate. UDP is needed when you change some values often and you can discard older changes (like position of character controller by WSAD). But most things you do in online game must be reliable (attack, cast a spell, say somethings, whatever). Some titles that use TCP: AoE, Warcraft 3, Guild Wars, WoW. What matters is implementation, if you send packet every time unit moves a pixel then of course it will be slow. But if you are contorlling your character by mouse click, then all you have to send is positiion where player clicked and moving will be simulated by client.
  3. For A you need javascript, you can't do it only with CSS. PS. Mastermind.
  4. Hello guys, I've made new documentation generator for javascript (it can be used with any langauge though) and I would like to share it with you and get some feedback. It's an early version, so it can have some bugs, but it works. I did make it because I didn't like JSDoc3. JScribe has (imho) important features that JSDoc doesn't, in example you can create your own tags, like: factory, prototype, object etc. and JScribe will automatically create list of those elements for you. Library is wrote in Python. You can download it from here: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/JScribe/ Documentation (made using JScribe, but still sparse, oh the irony): http://mindbrave.com/jscribe/docs/ Github rep: https://github.com/mindbrave/jscribe To use it you need Python2.7, if you happen to use linux/unix then you should have Python installed by default. Then just unpack it and run `python jscribeit.py path/to/your/settings.json` - documentation covers that. I didn't test it on windows yet.
  5. Actually almost everyone wanted to start with big project, and here we are. So it doesn't matter what you do, you still learn a lot. But trying to create a big project at first can be frustrating, keep that in mind.
  6. disclamer: I didn't yet try to make this kind of physics, but this is how I would try to achieve that. DWboutin, I think that you just have to compute vector from your object origin to planet origin and cast gravity force on it. Now it should be easy to get velocity of an object.
  7. requestAnimationFrame doesn't run without focus. If you want your animation to work even without focus then you have to use setTimeout/Interval.
  8. Depends on your data access pattern (how often you read/write, how much at once, do you need advanced queries). if you don't want relationship then NoSQL is a way to go, in example redis. Redis stores data in a RAM and saves it to disk from time to time. But if you are gonna store a lot of data there then you will need a lot of RAM. Instagram is using redis for image paths. In the case of admin backend, I'm using Django which has admin panel built-in, but it's Python.
  9. one of roguelike characteristic is permadeath, this in connection with platformer is hardcore
  10. Who told you that JS is a crap? it has different feeling from OOP because it's not OOP. I have to admit that it has some odd things, like "new" keyword, which is a mistake of JS creator (they wanted to make JS easier to use by Java programmers), but it's still a great language. You have to face it or you can waste your time on Coffeescript/Typescript or whatever. Javascript is continously developed by many companies and it won't stop, while TS or CS might be buried anytime.
  11. well, you should create a "facade" and document it. Searching through all source code is always a waste of time, even if someone uses privates. But I'm not saying that privates are useless. It's just not worth IMO to create new coffeescript compilation just to add privates support.
  12. Sorry for being a clever-dick, but this is why I don't like Coffescript. It try to emulate things, that were not designed to be in JS in first place, for various of reasons. It's like buying Mac and installing Windows on it. You will run in such problems a lot of times. But in order to help you: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9886761/coffeescript-private-class-instance-variables You can have "private" variables using scopes, but not using CS class system. If you will just make a factory function (like you should do), that returns object you want, then in this factory you can define var and it will be private and not shared among all instances. Because every call to factory creates new scope. By Using CS class system you call function creating private var only once so all instances share that var. And take into account, that you can't make protected variable (private that can be inherited), but using closure you can make setter and getter for it, so childs can edit it. EDIT: One more thing. Ask guys in your company, why you need private variables in first place? Because, IMHO, private variables are used to make code idiot proof, which results in easier debugging process. If you won't use private, then it "might" happen that one of programmers will edit variable that shouldn't not be edited from outside of object, and thus that would cause a bug harder to find. But if your code is well designed, modularized, then this should not happen. More about that here: http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/143736/why-do-we-need-private-variables If you are writing API for outside clients, then privates are a good thing, because clients often don't read documentation and they access/edit variables they should not. So later when you release update to your API, their code breaks.