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  1. am i able to drag an drop particles of a sps ?
  2. Is there a better way ? I create 1 to 300 boxes. If i clone the material and set a different texture for each of them i got performance problems. the performance even goes as far that the game become unplayable
  3. Hey guys, i need ur help. Is it possible to use a different dynamic texture on all meshes with the same material? I want to draw different text on each mesh. the meshes should be only different in their position, rotation, scaling and the text on it. Best regards and thx
  4. Hey Guys, i need a best practice for drawing text on multiple meshes with the same material. In my first attempt i created a StandardMaterial and DynamicTexture for each mesh and called the drawText method on the DynamicTexture. This works but it reduces the performance. The framerate drops till it become unplayable (browser freezes). I would be grateful if u have solution for this.