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  1. ftguy2018

    transparent background ?

    Hello, is there a way in PANDA2 to render on a transparent background so when we embed the game with an iframe, the image will overlay ?
  2. ftguy2018

    About creating dynamic font for Japanese

    Yes Dynamic font I was making reference when you create only the necessary KANJI at runtime by filling up a texture page, so the KANJI is store as only 1 bit/texel and then you unpack it, you only create KANJI that are currently needed on screen and then remove them when not needed anymore, because having a texture for all the possible kanji is taking too much space, actually in our case, we know which characters will be displayed upfront so probably just generate the texture for those char will be ok.
  3. ftguy2018

    change the assets folder

    Thank you ^^
  4. ftguy2018

    change the assets folder

    Hello, is there a way to change the assets folder path ? I would like to put the assets in a separate path than the MEDIA one where the HTLM and JS will be uploaded.
  5. ftguy2018

    Panda 2 Roadmap

    If possible I had like to make 2 requests which are related to desktop/mobile game development : 1) for a universal INPUT fields in PANDA2, we often need to ask the user to input a value text or decimal, ideally a class that will take care of keyboard input on desktop and open a kind of modal windows on mobile so user can click into and activate their keyboard, that class will make the glue so at the end, the game can query the text or value using the same function call without having to think about layout and how the value was entered ^^ 2) Some responsive container framework so we can start to design responsive game layout that will run on both Desktop and Mobile ^^
  6. Hello, does someone has some advise on how to implement the kanji support in Panda2 ? We will have to port some of the games we developed to Japanese version and we need to have support for Kanji, usually we do it with some engine preparing on the fly a texture with the kanji currently in use during the display of text on other platforms, is this approach possible in Panda2 ? Can I create texture on the fly and submit is as sprites or better can I hook somewhere into the text function ? I remember there is a system text also accessible but I am assuming Japanese won't render properly right ? Thank for any advise on that matter.
  7. ftguy2018

    How to improve Load time?

    @enpu thank you so I need to update to the latest version to get that functionality ? Is that the official one or the dev one ?
  8. ftguy2018

    How to improve Load time?

    Talking about loading resources in PANDA2, is there a way to tell the engine that an asset must be reloaded from the server and not from the browser cache ? We have some json data that must fetched from the server every time and chrome has some issues to reload them, it does always serve the old version....
  9. ftguy2018

    ThreeJS and FBX file

    Sorry for replying late but that is really an awesome news ^^
  10. ftguy2018

    Bezier curve support added

    Apparently drawLINE is not working when using pixi plugin, do I need to update the plugin ?
  11. ftguy2018

    Bezier curve support added

    @enpu Hello, That is great, however is there any reason why drawline is a drawBox in the engine ? I am unable to draw a LINE because it seems to be connected with the drawBOX, can you please kindly advise how to draw a simple LINE ?
  12. ftguy2018

    ThreeJS and FBX file

    @enpu What is the compatibility with threeJS plugin and pixi plugin in the same project, can we get both webgl accelerated 2D with pixi and get also the 3D with threeJS ?
  13. ftguy2018

    How secure is the game storage API ?

    Yes it is the one I have been using and it is working pretty well so I believe it should be included as a plugin if possible.
  14. ftguy2018

    Dynamic Quality setting

    Actually we found a way to change the resolution during the game by creating a new game.Renderer for the screen resolution we want and adjusting the stage global scale with _worldTransform.a & _worldTransform.d
  15. ftguy2018

    Dynamic Quality setting

    Is there a way to adjust some screen size resolution at runtime without changing the screen size from the game perspective for all the sprite coordinates ? Basically if we have a game running at 2000x1024 screen resolution for high end machine and if we would like to downsize to 1000x512 render for low end computers without touching the game, can we achieve this by some smart setting ? Is the a master resolution scale somewhere in the game for the frame buffer ? Please kindly advise