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  1. ftguy2018

    Getting the console.log from mobile

    Ah ok I thought we a bug LOL
  2. ftguy2018

    Getting the console.log from mobile

    We noticed it is displayed on the dev tool if connected on WIFI, ....as a side question, is there any special gesture with 3 touches ? Apparently the scene reloads if we put 3 fingers on screen ?!?
  3. ftguy2018

    iOS web browser mousedown ID

    So we found out ID on iOS are basically some big numbers changing at every new touch so a little bit different from the Android version which appears to be the current finger (number) on screen.
  4. ftguy2018

    Getting the console.log from mobile

    We are trying to debug the iOS version running on web browser and I would like to know if there is a way to get the console.log from the mobile when the device is connected to PANDA2 ?
  5. ftguy2018

    iOS web browser mousedown ID

    @enpu Is the ID value of the mousedown (touch) populated correctly on iOS browser like it is on Android ? I am guessing that ID is a number of current touch on Android, apparently we have some users stating that the touch does not work properly on iOS and it might be related to that ID being maybe undefined like on PC, can someone confirm ? I am not finding anywhere that ID meaning on the documentation.
  6. ftguy2018

    Long time loading obfuscated script

    For the moment we ended adding an HTML loading image before our 1mb script is loaded....
  7. ftguy2018

    Long time loading obfuscated script

    Hello, I have noticed that when we do obfuscate the script and try to load from mobile it seems that we are not really taking advantage of the loader on the project, almost like if the whole data was loaded ( so the browser is displaying a spinner for quite long time) and then the loader is starting and everything starts, is there a way to cache this ? With for example another game,min which will not be obfuscated or any other suggestion, it works fine without obfuscation and I was wondering if any one noticed the same...maybe the loader must be not obfuscated ? Indeed, it looks like all the data are loaded and then the loader is starting and load everything at once so it seems my obfuscation does not allow the loader to start right away.... Can we have 1 small project at the top of the HTML running a display loading image while the other game,in is loaded ?
  8. ftguy2018

    Ovelay filter with WebGL?

    I believe the question was to know if we could change the blending mode, from alpha blending, additive, etc.... and actually I would like to know also if we could draw sprites in additive mode for example, is that possible ?
  9. ftguy2018

    Question about making input field on mobile

    Thank you, I believe it will be nice if the engine could provide a function to trigger the mobile keyboard and then connect the keys typed to the current keyboard engine....for the sake of code portability.
  10. How do we do to have user entering some input numbers on mobile ? I have designed my own input field but how do we query for the embedded keyboard to show up on mobile devices ? Is there any function in the engine ? Please kindly advise. Thank you,
  11. ftguy2018

    About clearBeforeRender

    @enpu game.Renderer.clearBeforeRender = false does nothing either, I am using the pixi plugin and nothing is working but the config.js in webgl, if not webgl then it seems to work, also the sprite.tint is not consistent between webgl and canvas, in one case it seems to modulate the color (webgl) while in canvas mode it does blend the sprite with the color based on the tintAlpha....so totally different, can we get the same on both renderers ? or even better, can we decide which one to use in a way that it will be the same on both ?
  12. ftguy2018

    About clearBeforeRender

    Hello, can we change the renderer clearBeforeRender property outside of the config.js file ? I had like to turn it ON/OFF based on the scene but it seems that game.renderer.clearBeforeRender does nothing if changed during the scene init.... Please kindly advise,
  13. ftguy2018

    Prevent default keyboard for a key and not for default

    I was using the config file with a keyboard section keyboard: { preventDefault: true },
  14. ftguy2018

    Prevent default keyboard for a key and not for default

    thank you everybody for your suggestion , I am currently using the keyboard.key function and I just realized that there is also scene methods for detecting keydown event ....I will adjust the code accordingly.
  15. ftguy2018

    Can we develop widget with Panda2 ?

    i was making reference to a widget code you copy paste like a Paypal Button for example...