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  1. Hi all, Is there a way in phaser 3 to create Bitmap Font using existing texture?(not by game.load.bitmapFont method) Thanks!
  2. Aram

    Update Audio Volume

    Hi all, does anybody know, how to update audio volume? Thanks, Aram
  3. Aram

    performance v3.9.0

    Thanks for answering! Draw Calls are optimized. I just found out the destroy method of a container may not destroy children. Could it be the reason?
  4. Aram

    performance v3.9.0

    Hi Guys, I just converted my AS3 game to phaser 3, and got performance problems. When I open and close a popup several times in my game, the game slows down. Each my class has clear() method, which calls .destroy() for gameObjects and sets all object properties to null. What do I do wrong for clearing the objects? Thanks, Aram
  5. Aram

    mask property not found

    Hello Guys! My Sprite, or Container Classes don't have "mask" property, is it normal? (version is 3.9.1). Thanks, Aram
  6. Aram

    show hand cursor on mouse over

    Thank you Guys! unfortunately setInteractive doesn't have config prop in version 3.9.0 /** * Pass this Game Object to the Input Manager to enable it for Input. * @param shape A geometric shape that defines the hit area for the Game Object. If not specified a Rectangle will be used. * @param callback A callback to be invoked when the Game Object is interacted with. * @param dropZone Should this Game Object be treated as a drop zone target? Default false. */ setInteractive(shape?: any, callback?: HitAreaCallback, dropZone?: boolean): Phaser.GameObjects.GameObject;
  7. Hi all, I am developing my own button class, and can't find how to change cursor to "hand" when the pointer is over button, is there an automatic way? or I should handle over set to hand, and then set to default again in out handler? Thank You
  8. Aram

    Use spriteSheet and delete

    You mean There is no way to solve it ? Or you dont know? The way you suggests will solve it but will make a lot of problems in current game, because I am converting the existing actionScript game to phaser3 thank you my friend!
  9. Aram

    Use spriteSheet and delete

    Hi all, how can I delete a spriteSheet. My whole game uses one scene, and when user goes from map to gameplay, I have to delete map spriteSheets to load gamplay spritesheets. Thank you!
  10. Aram

    Load resources out of preloader

    Thank you very much!
  11. Aram

    Create Sprite In Simple Class

    Thank you very much!
  12. Hi all, Could someone tell, is it possible to load assets out of preload function? Thank you!
  13. Hi all, Could someone tell, is it possible to create sprite not in Scene class? For example my scene class has obj of ClassA, how can I create sprite in classA? Do I have to keep scene Ref in ClassA and then create through it? Thank you!
  14. Aram

    Scene bringToTop function v3.9.0

    Thx a lot!
  15. Hi All, I just started to develop with html5/typeScript/phaser, and have a lot of questions which I couldn't find in documentation. Could someone tell what is scene bringToTop is for? I called it for my B scene but nothing seem to change. phaser version is 3.9.0 Thank You!