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  1. fmmoret

    Feature Request - Rendering Perf

    @Sebavan they are skeleton animations in blender. Do the shader ones work with weights & blending? I'm exporting via the gltf exporter and don't know if that exports a shader for the animations.
  2. fmmoret

    Feature Request - Rendering Perf

    I do all collision / physics server side & just send state over for babylon to transition to. Here's a profile on my game if you're curious: Click on the thumbnail to see a clearer version.
  3. fmmoret

    Feature Request - Rendering Perf

    I think SharedArrayBuffers just got reenabled for Chrome. I don't know how far other browsers are
  4. I'm getting a little pressed for performance in a game I'm working on. With ~6+ characters I'm starting to drop below 60fps on medium/low-end computers when my meshes are not very high poly, my animations don't have a very high sample rate and only one animation playing per character, and with no particle effects. My render loop perf breakdown is 4-6ms spent in _animate and 12-20ms in _renderForCameras in the top level render call. I'm investigating ways to optimize the loop, but it's really difficult to find big chunks that would use: 1) wasm a) where the chunk is easy to black box b) where the chunk is big enough that it's worth paying the high bridge-latency-cost of going in and out of a wasm module or 2) web workers a) where work can be done simultaneously with other stuff / where order of costly calculations don't matter b) where we don't need to serialize / deserialize too much info if we were to send it to a worker & get a response back c) where (like wasm) the chunk is big enough that it's worth paying the cost of messaging to and from the worker Wasm to me feels like it'll be an all-or-nothing sort of thing because of how intertwined so many things are in babylon. Web workers might be easier to work in because they can use existing javascript code. Do other people have ideas / opinions / specialty knowledge? Do you guys spot some large areas that would be easy to isolate & either execute asynchronously or just optimize with wasm?
  5. Does Babylon support something similar to unity's Avatar Masks / Animation Layers ? I want to apply blended walking / running / strafing type animations to the lower half of my characters & custom, un-synchronized animations to the upper body. Is there a good way to do this right now? If there isn't -- are there contributors actively working on this? Worst case, I'm thinking I can break my skeleton into two & sync animations where needed, but I'm hoping there's a better way.