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  1. Hi all, I cannot add a group in an another group. for example; var mainGroup=this.add.group(); var subGroup=this.add.group(); var bg=this.add.sprite(200,300,"background"); var bonusImg=this.add.sprite(200,300,"bonusImage"); subGroup.add(bonusImg); subGroup.add(bg); mainGroup.add(subGroup); This was working on Phaser 2 but not working on Phaser 3. Is there any way to solve it?
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    addToFileList in Phaser 3

    Ah yes I realized after posting here and posted also Phaser 3. Thanks
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    Thank you @photonstorm
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    Hi everyone, Is there an equivalent of "addToFileList" in Phaser 3?
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    addToFileList in Phaser 3

    Hi everyone, Is there an equivalent of "addToFileList" in Phaser 3?
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    Dynamically created image masks

    Hi all, I need to display a large image and dynamically hide sections of it. I already use masking to specify which parts should be displayed. The code I use to achieve this is in the form: this._topMask = game.add.graphics(0, 0); this._topMask.drawRect(0, 170, game.width, vm.ActiveGameHeight - 320); this.defaultGroup.mask = this._topMask; This is useful in that it gives me a rectangle within which the image renders. Now I need to dynamically block sections of that rectange and create areas that are not rendered. Ideally, I would like to be able to create masks similar to the image below. I cannot use presaved images because the position of the rectangles change dynamically. What is the most performance optimised way to achieve this in Phaser? (I am on version 2.4.4)