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  1. perseluspiton

    Phaser 3 Load BASE 64 Image
  2. perseluspiton

    Phaser 3 Load BASE 64 Image

    how about this.textures.addBase64(key, data);
  3. perseluspiton

    too many assets?

    Thanks Bart, it is very useful. I wasn't aware that simply loading an image puts so much strain on the GPU. The game is sort of a point'n click quest game with a lot of hand drawn background images, so they need to be loaded at some point. What I'm trying to do now is to remove the assets when changing scenes with game textures.remove(), and load the new ones. It seems to help the GPU memory problem, but is introducing an annoying lag between scenes. Are you aware of a way to store all the compressed images in memory, like in binary or base64 format, and convert it to texture on demand, instead of loading it? Finally, the spike on the JavaScript memory front : no clue, it's during the preload scene, I'm only using this.load.image, and this.load.spritesheet, no extra objects.
  4. perseluspiton

    too many assets?

    yeah, finally found the task manager on chrome. indeed its 1GB
  5. perseluspiton

    too many assets?

    oh no, just checked it on the tablet too, it uses >1GB memory. even with all the uncompressions, this just can't be maybe some garbage collection problem?
  6. perseluspiton

    too many assets?

    sorry, I was giving you false information. during loading it goes up to 190 MB: immediately after loading it spikes at 360 MB, then goes down to 14, and stays like that for most of the game:
  7. perseluspiton

    too many assets?

    Memory usage never went above 20 MB. I've tried two Samsung phones, one with Android 5, the other with Android 7, upgraded from 5, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, with Android 7. All three run into problems more or less at 30-40 MB. I thought maybe it was some WebGl issue, so I started Phaser in Canvas mode, it could load only a few images more. Downsizing to the nearest power of 2 dimensions helps some, but not enough. Finally I tried adding a 100 MB audio file, and it also crashed the app, so probably it's not some image specific issue, but device limitation. But 30 MB is ridiculously low, there must be some setting I've overlooked...
  8. perseluspiton

    too many assets?

    that may help to some degree, but the question still remains: is there a limit (in total size or number of files) that phaser can load on a mobile?
  9. perseluspiton

    too many assets?

    most of them are already jpg or tinypng, and I'll need to add twice as many images as development progresses, so it wont't solve the problem. continuosly removing unused images and loading new ones might work, but that would disturb the game's seamlesness.
  10. perseluspiton

    too many assets?

    Hi, I have a code that loads > 30 MB of images. It works fine in the browser. When try it on mobile with Cordova, the application simply quits during preload. When I reduce the number or size of images to be loaded, it works fine. Tried it on 2 cell phones and 1 tablet, all produce this problem, though the number of images that crash them differs. Sometimes I get a WebGL out of memory error, and a lot of [Violation] 'load' handler took 806ms [Violation] 'requestAnimationFrame' handler took 245ms messages. Any ideas?
  11. perseluspiton

    Phaser don't play sounds in android with cordova

    let me get this clear, do I need the audio twice, once in ogg, once in mp3 format?
  12. perseluspiton

    WegGL bug

    also, [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-0x7f5b3adc00]RENDER WARNING: texture bound to texture unit 0 is not renderable. It maybe non-power-of-2 and have incompatible texture filtering.
  13. perseluspiton

    WegGL bug

    Hi People, When I try to start my game on android after packaging it with Cordova, I get a black screen and the following error: phaser.min.js:1 WebGL: INVALID_VALUE: texImage2D: width or height out of range createTexture2D @ phaser.min.js:1 This does not happen in browser, even when I run it in the tablet's browser. Tried to set Phaser's renderer to canvas, the error message is missing, but the screen is still black. Any ideas?