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  1. HenrySneeed

    [Construct] Shoot Em' Up

    Thanks for the kind words everybody !
  2. HenrySneeed

    Run Astro Run - My first HTML5 game

    Fun game not and too hard to get the hang of!
  3. HenrySneeed

    Is Solo game developers earn for living

    You won't know until you try! If you're still in school try to build income sources in as many ways as you can. If you feel comfortable by the end ...maybe you could go for it full time! ::))
  4. HenrySneeed

    [Construct] Shoot Em' Up

    A short simple shoot em' up game. As you play through the level the song changes to match the game leading up to a tough raw boss fight. https://henrysneed.itch.io/shoot-em-up Level song: https://soundcloud.com/fizz-fizzonte Menu song: https://soundcloud.com/bratttaylorisquicc/gameboy
  5. HenrySneeed

    [Construct] Stoppage Line

    Yea that's a good idea, or maybe still follow your click/touch but only move when you are holding. It seems a bit stressful for players at the start especially when not sure what's going on. It was made in just under a week for a jam though so I didn't quite have time to iron out all those kinks ::(( hopefully will continue working on it in the future! Anyway thanks for the feedback!
  6. HenrySneeed

    [Construct] Stoppage Line

    A short puzzle game about drawing lines to stop the flow of circles. https://henrysneed.itch.io/stoppage-line
  7. HenrySneeed

    99 Balls. Guys, check out my most successful game :)

    Pretty fun and very well polished! But this idea has been all over the place for ages... it's nice to try harder to make original ideas sometimes! Anyway, good job!