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  1. https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/wiki/v4-Tips,-Tricks,-and-Pitfalls#resizing-renderer Seems this is a common issue, and it has not properly handled in the engine, what I want is first recalculate the position, and when resize the whole UI my whole UI is in the rootContainer. When the window change from a larger size to a small, the UI will be outside of screen. This is the setUp code for UI public setup() { this.topbar = new PIXI.Sprite( PIXI.utils.TextureCache["topbar.png"] ); // this.topbar.scale.set(0.8, 0.8); this.topbar.anchor.set(0.5, 0.5); this.topbar.y = -window.innerHeight/2 + 10 + this.topbar.height/2; this.container.addChild(this.topbar); this.avatarMaskLeft = new PIXI.Sprite(TextureCache["mask.png"]); this.avatarMaskRight = new PIXI.Sprite(TextureCache["mask.png"]); this.avatarMaskLeft.anchor.set(0, 0.5) this.avatarMaskRight.anchor.set(1.0, 0.5) this.avatarMaskRight.x += this.topbar.width/2; this.avatarMaskLeft.x -= this.topbar.width/2; this.topbar.addChild(this.avatarMaskRight); this.topbar.addChild(this.avatarMaskLeft); this.initCountDownText(); this.initScoreText(); Event.instance().fire("UILoadFinish"); } the topbar is added to the container, same as avatarMaskRight But when I scale the topbar, use code: this.topbar.scale.set(0.8, 0.8); the children will not be at the right position, WTF ? all children is set use the relative position , so if I scale the parent, I would expect all children at the right position. update: I use code this.container.scale.set(0.8, 0.8); after topbar has added to container, it works fine, all children will stay the right position so, how do I recalculate the position, and resize the whole UI ?? update: why do I need resize my UI ? because I developed my game in PC, and in the PC browser , the UI looks fine, but when I open My game on mobile , the UI looks HUGE relative to others
  2. Just an new scene with no more than just an cube box in it. It happens when I build the game. When I play the game in unity editor, it works fine. I just try to use it for some experimental, so maybe I can use it to develop my second HTML5 game, the first is developed using three.js, and the experience is not as smooth as I was expected. As a user's perspective, the Toolkit should not stop my regular build process
  3. I imported the latest tookit, and build my scene, the error appears. Before I import the toolkit, my scene builds fine. So I wonder if anyone who ever used this tool ? because the package is updated 19 days ago, No one noticed this problem? But´╝îI tried "build and preview" button, this works fine , weird Another question is , the unity seems do not support webGL on mobile device, so the Babylon Toolkit exported scene will run smooth on mobile device ?