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  1. Hi, I just wanted to share that FBInstant's sharing dialogs (chooseAsync(), etc.) might cause problems on iOS devices if you are using Phaser 3. The problem is that after these dialogs return control back to the game, game's input stops working. It happens if you try to interact with the game in the split second after control is returned back to the game. This happens only in iOS devices. Here is the issue tracking it: It's not specific to FB APIs but anything that can take away control from the game. I am trying to fix this issue in Phaser and send a pull request, but I have not made much progress yet. It's a bit difficult for my first patch Given that social interactions are a big deal in instant games and we can't do without these APIs, I think it's better to use Phaser 2 for instant games until this is sorted out. I unknowingly sent my app to review without testing it on an iPhone and it got rejected and appeals are taking really long. So make sure you test your FB games on multiple devices if possible! Cheers!
  2. pingu

    Phaser 3 won't regain input on iPhone

    Looks like this is a bug I am looking for a safe workaround until it is fixed.
  3. @Noel I tested the same with real users (myself the admin and a friend who is a tester in the "role" setting) and my leaderboard has us both whereas his leaderboard has just himself.
  4. pingu

    How to debug game?

    It would have been nice to debug games when they run on the Messenger app on the phone because I've had some phone specific issues, but there is really no way I know of. Even console.log won't be of help. It's probably hard to setup something that allows this kind of debugging, which I understand.
  5. @Noel test users created by me.
  6. Hi, In my FB Instant game, I open FB's invite dialog using `FBInstant.chooseAsync()`. It opens up the dialog. Once the dialog is dismissed I see that for about half a second, the game is stuck (as if transitioning). If you tap on the game during this split second, not only does Phaser not receive the input, but also stops receiving further inputs. So pressing during this "stuck" phase after closing the FB dialog shuts down all future inputs to Phaser. However, if I wait after about a second so that my game is running properly, it accepts inputs normally. This whole behaviour is prevalent only on iPhone only. Here is my best attempt to overcome this problem which didn't work: // Whether invite is completed var chosenContext = false; // Handles invite button clicks function inviteBtnHandler() { // Disable inputs this.input.manager.touch.capture = false; // This is when control goes away from the game FBInstant.context.chooseAsync().then(function() { chosenContext = true; }).then(function() { chosenContext = true; }); } function update() { if (chosenContext) { // control resumed chosenContext = false; // enable inputs this.input.manager.touch.capture = true; } // rest of stuff } However this did not work. I really am not sure what is going on here. Can anyone please help? Thank you
  7. Hi, I find that `getConnectedPlayerEntriesAsync` behaves unreliably: If A and B (friends) have played my game and registered high scores in the local leaderboard. 1. A gets only B 2. B gets only B (himself) In some other group of test accounts, I notice that they get all the connected players including the player himself. Can anyone please check what the intended behaviour is and if there is some bug? Thank you
  8. Hi, When my player is playing against someone else (in a "context"), I make sure I send out updateAsync() updates with each score the player makes. I send updates for even non-high scores, because high scores aren't commonplace. From the API side, I wish that the single update that got sent out was of the highest score in that session. For example, if my player scores 4, 2, 14 and 5 in a session and I call updateAsync with each of those scores, I would have wished that it sent the score 14. But in practice I find that the score sent is either the first one (4) or non-deterministic. Any advice here? Thank you
  9. Hmm that could work. I think it's best to show a loading sign while chooseAsync loads so that people aren't confused why it's stuck. Thanks!
  10. Hello, I call `chooseAsync()` when the user clicks on the "Ready" button of my game. The only action left for the user after the "Ready" button get the car moving is tapping once again. Since `chooseAsync()` and `shareAsync()` take a little while to open (under half a second), I notice that players end up pressing again before the modal dialog from Facebook pops up. The problem here is that the car in the game would have already started moving and the dialog would pop up over it. If I could listen to an event which told me that the user doesn't have control over the game, I could pause the game until the dialog gets cleared. I tried `onPause()` but it doesn't work with `chooseAsync()`. Thanks
  11. pingu

    Scale manager

    Wow this is great!
  12. pingu

    how to make game over text

    Have you done the Phaser 3 tutorial on the official website? Without doing it and not having JS fundamentals, you probably can't get far.
  13. pingu

    Mipmapping in Phaser 3

    Is there support for mipmapping in Phaser 3? I am making a mobile game and I have sprites for the largest device. When I open the game in a small screen, it looks aliased. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks
  14. pingu

    How to stop a sound midway?

    To play a sound, we do'car'); But how do you stop it midway?
  15. @Tom Atom Thanks! FBInstant.startGameAsync() inside of "update()" did the trick for me. It's weird