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  1. Mursaat

    Tilemap - Light2D Performance

    Can I remove/disable the normal map without getting the message : "Normal map missing or invalid" ?
  2. Mursaat

    Tilemap - Light2D Performance

    Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to improve Light2D performance. In that example and in my game it causes lags. (I use Chrome + Phaser v3.12.0-beta3) 'requestAnimationFrame' handler took <N>ms Thanks for your help
  3. Mursaat

    Phaser as Multiplayer Server

    It would be nice to have arcade physics in an external module, to be able to use it on a node server. I tried with matter-js but it doesn't match my need. If someone did a multiplayer game using Phaser, I would like to know how did he managed server-side physics.
  4. Mursaat

    Zooming on dynamic tilemap

    Hello, I'm using Phaser v3.11.0-beta1 (last commit) and I'm trying to use dynamic tilemap system. I don't know if this is the expected behavior, but I can't zoom in on the tilemap. Check this example from, when you add that to line 51 : this.cameras.main.setZoom(2); Zoom seems to be inverted, and when I do a setZoom(1/2) I get a strange result too. I also tried this other example, but nothing is displayed. Is that normal? I'm new to Phaser, so I'm still missing some things. Someone who understood how dynamic tilemap works could explain it here? Thanks.