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  1. fdeng

    Babylon shows a different result

    @sable @brianzinn Thanks for you guys' help. I just found that I set the rotation of FreeCamera mistake, sorry, please ignore the mouse move issue. As the exporting tool I use has no such exporting option, I can't get a left handed model. Still, there is something trouble me, it seems that babylon has Y as the up-axis, the building is not standing correctly. Normally I should see the front, not the bottom of the building. (You can use ArcRotateCamera to have a look what the building is) could you please help me on this point. The PG is below: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#4QU0BY
  2. fdeng

    Babylon shows a different result

    @sable Hi, There is another issue with this right-hand model if the active camera is a FreeCamera. When the mouse moves in left - right direction, the model moves up - down, while move the mouse up - down, the model moves left - right. Can anybody tell me how to fix it?
  3. @dbawel, thanks for your useful info. @SvenFrankson, The meshes are converted from a model designed by Revit (a BIM design tool of Autodesk). about merging the meshes, I'll use uv2 to have a try, thanks a lot.
  4. @SvenFrankson, thanks for the advice. What I am trying is a very detailed building information model(BIM), a whole subway station with all kinds of building elements, structures, equipment, pipelines, and so on. There are more than 10k entities in this model, each entity has its own information, and must be pickable. As each entity is parsed to a mesh, so there are so many meshes need to draw. Besides merging the meshes, I have an thought but not sure if it is possible , and how to implement it. That is , can Babylon support to just draw the meshes in sight of the active camera? When camera moving or rotating, the meshes in the camera's view change as well, at every moment, only feed the meshes can be seen to draw.
  5. Hi Everyone, I want to render a very very big model in my project using BJS, but the performance is very poor(the fps is about 5), that is intolerable. Some info about my model: number of indices: 14349177 number of vertices: 7450965 number of meshs: 12043 As only color with RGBA is used for the meshs, I build a material map(148 materials included in the map) for(...){ var matId = br.readInt32(); var R = br.readFloat32(); var G = br.readFloat32(); var B = br.readFloat32(); var A = br.readFloat32(); var stdmat = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial(matId, scene); stdmat.diffuseColor = new BABYLON.Color3(R, G, B); stdmat.alpha = A; materialMap.push({ id: matId, material: stdmat}); } Mesh link the material in the map: var matItem = materialMap.getMaterial(object.matId); if (matItem === null) matItem = defaultMaterial; babylonMesh.material = matItem.material; Screen capture with instrumentation: Any advice to improve the performance of such a huge model? And, the draw calls is 13296, that is much more than the number of the materails I created. Which factors decide the draw calls, how can reduce it?
  6. fdeng

    Babylon shows a different result

    @sable Yes, it works after set scene.useRightHandedSystem = true;
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm a newbie to Babylon.js, I got a question need someone to help. When I load a 3D model (eg. obj format model) with Babylon.js, it shows a different result than I expected. The correct result should be : (The door is on the left side) But with Babylon.js, the model is like below : (the door is on the right side, it seems that all the meshs are rendered opposite direction) Can anybody tell me why? Is there a parameter that can be set to correct this issue?