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  1. Andrei15

    This forum is not HTTPS?

    As I know currently only website dealing with personal data, payments and etc are obliged to use HTTPS. All others on their own choice. But Google really prefers HTTPS websites. Also it turns to mobile-first.
  2. Hi there! I have gathered a list of web platforms where I want to publish our game. Platforms like miniclip, y8, kongregate, kizi and etc. Big list. I have sent many personalized emails directly on email and via web forms, but the problem is that I have low qty of responses. I know that right short email is not easy to make (I mean briefly describe it all) but I did my best to make it light and contentful. Can you share your experience how to get in touch with web platforms and the best way to communicate with them as we have several really good games and want to have good partners.
  3. Andrei15

    Best io game sites

    Guys, can share more .io games platforms like
  4. Andrei15

    Question about adsense

    That's simple - you have received just AdSense for websites. Maybe you have enough content there or a blog. But to implement the code into HTML5 games you must use your AdSense account and get AdSense for Games authorization. Even more AdSense for HTML5 games. But they have special requirement to do that. And your KPI like MAU should be rather strong. Check this link and google some more