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  1. If it's the browser then guess there's not much they can do about it (at least not easily). Checking the mousePointer directly is working great though so thanks again!
  2. Shouldn't the last event still have it registered as down in that case if the button hasn't released it? Or does that only get set when the button is pressed? Worked like a charm thanks!
  3. First time posting here so let me know if I've made any mistakes! I'm currently using Phaser 2.6.2 and am attempting to implement a panning feature using the middle mouse button. I found that when the mouseMove event is called that game.input.mousePointer.button variable is forced to be LEFT_BUTTON. I've made this small example in Phaser's sandbox. As soon as the cursor enters the stage it thinks LEFT_BUTTON is down. If you hold the middle mouse button down without moving the mouse it will register MIDDLE_BUTTON as being down until the mouse is moved again. Hopefully it's just something I'm doing wrong but if not is there anyway to get the current state of the mouse button during a mouse move other than using game.input.mousePointer.button? Thanks! -Kadith