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  1. Dong


    @aWeirdo @max123 @RaananW Thank you for your help , I eventually expanded the volume of the outer skybox, add the ground to the renderList,and increased the diffuseTexture's level of ground'material, while the black edges still look a bit serious , but I tactfully set alpha to water, which made him look not so bad.
  2. Dong


    wow! scene.clearColor really work... but what was originally black is now clearColor, I really want to it look like water from any angle
  3. Dong


    ehh... how can i import my .babylon to the playground?maybe this is stupid question...
  4. Dong


    I love BABYLON , I encounter a troble about waterMaterial.It often appear some black edges at some angle of camera. I can't find what cause it. lights: there are two lights ,hem and point. but the waterMaterial still black when I adjust the lights camera: arcRotate,target is (0,0,0),and the bigger the beta ,the darker the water renderList:[skybox]