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  1. Swapnil

    Mesh normal issue!?

    Here is the fbx file - Click Here Hope someone can figure out what exactly is wrong.
  2. Swapnil

    Mesh normal issue!?

    @Alenvei and @V!nc3r Thanks for your response I did try using the object properties, checked the box for backface cul, reset the scale and transform but I'm still getting the same result.
  3. Swapnil

    Mesh normal issue!?

    I am not sure why there is an issue with the material/shader for babylon format as shown in the image of the female. I also followed the instructions given on the babylon.js documentation site where they have mentioned to reset Xform of the mesh to solve the normal issue but its still giving me this issue on the babylon playground. I am currently using 3ds max 2013. with an old version of babylon exporter plugin. I have tried to export this mesh using gltf and babylon format on 3ds max 2018 with an updated exporter but even then it's giving me the same normal issue. I have noticed in this file that any inset mesh is seen right through the top mesh for some reason. I can't really say its a normal issue per say, which is why I need help to understand what the actual problem is. The image below is what it looks like once imported on the babylon playground. The image below is what it looks like in 3ds max.