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  1. botoman

    Convert a Sprite into Base-64

    Thanks you so much @enpu That was just what I was looking for! Alex
  2. botoman

    Convert a Sprite into Base-64

    Hi, Do you know if it's possibile to convert a Sprite or a Texture into Base-64 format in Panda? E.g. //var image = ''; We need it for Facebook Instant Games Update Async. Thanks Alessio
  3. botoman

    rotateScreen on iPad Pro

    Hello, I'm facing an issue with my FB Instant Game. The game should stay in portrait mode only. I've set the "rotateScreen: false" in game.config. The game remain in portrait mode in every device I tested it, except in iPad Pro, in which it always rotate. What I can do? Thanks, Alex
  4. botoman

    Facebook Instant Games Issue

    Hi @enpu Further analisys shows that in the broken version the response generated by the server is lacking the "Content-Encoding: gzip" header even if the payload is indeed compressed. This particular behavior seems totally randomical, facing it or not in different versions of the same identical zip uploaded multiple times ot the Facebook Dashboard. We also tried to upload our game directly from Panda 2 thanks to the uploader. We opened a bug report on the Facebook for Developer support page: Hoping to clarify this weird behavior soon. Cheers, Alex
  5. Hi all, I'm facing an issue with a "facebook instant games" game. The game can only be tested by me using the PC from which I uploaded the game zip. Trying to open it from another PC/device stuck the game in 0% loading progress. Anyone has experimented the same issue? Thank you so much Alex
  6. botoman

    Method Graphics.lineTo and drawing lines

    Wow! Thank you so much @enpu! :)
  7. Hello, I found the method "lineTo" into the graphics class, but it's body is empty. What's the purpose of this method? Was it created for future development? My need is to drawing a simple line between two points; what's the best way to do this? Thank you, Alex
  8. botoman

    Vibration Feedback

    Thank you! Now is all clear
  9. botoman

    Vibration Feedback

    Thank you very much @enpu, it works like a charm Where can I find the navigator class documentation? Cheers, Alex
  10. botoman

    Vibration Feedback

    Hello, I'm new to Panda 2 and mobile web development in general. It's possibile to make the device vibrate in Panda 2? How can I do this? Thank you, Alex