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  1. @JCPalmer thanks, this is a good starting point for me.
  2. AndyBlend

    How to fake volumetric light beam?

    This might be related:
  3. Hello everyone... Is it possible to create something like this with Babylon.js? I believe the answer is yes but I can't figure out how...
  4. Yep, here it is: Files
  5. AndyBlend

    Playground throws "Internal server error."

    @Deltakosh thanks. I still believe there must be a way to download and view the examples locally.
  6. Here is an example URL: Is there a way to view examples locally?
  7. This is the COA Tools: It's an add-on for creating animations with cut-out technique. In the samples folder there's an animation: I'd like to export that animation using Babylon.js exporter. But I can't get the animations exported... Any suggestions?