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  1. @JohnK I tried your code above.When I play the scene, the roof is created. But when I rotate, some parts of the roof are dissapearing. Below is my html file. (I'm uploading my html file cuz I don't know how to create a playground.) index.html
  2. tham_kathy

    How to join two walls as one?

    🤜@JohnK Thanks a looot.. 🙏 U saved my life 😁😁
  3. tham_kathy

    How to join two walls as one?

    @JohnK Actually what I'm doing is creating houses at run time by reading the given floor plan. I get an array of coordinates by reading the floor plan and I'm passing the array values to the buildFromPlan method. I don't find any method which I can used to automate this process for the number of rooms. If I use your suggestion, I have no idea how give values for the positions. Anyway, thanks a lot.!
  4. tham_kathy

    How to join two walls as one?

    This is the html file of my code.
  5. tham_kathy

    How to join two walls as one?

    This is what I get when I substract 2 rooms. Or is there a way to hide the lines that separate two rooms? Or is it possible to merge those two meshes from 0.5cm without changing their original positions? Then there will be only one wall in between two rooms. I'm very new to this 3D stuff so plz help me to find a solution
  6. tham_kathy

    Draw Calls

    I tried with different uv values but the texture is not appearing as it is. The way I calculated uv values is; var uvs = []; for(var p = 0; p < positions.length / 3; p++) { uvs.push((positions[3 * p] - (-4)) / 6, (positions[3 * p + 1] - (-4)) / 8); } Can you please suggest me a way to apply the texture as it is for both outer walls and inner walls separately?
  7. tham_kathy

    Draw Calls

    I need to apply a texture to the customMesh. But it's showing me an error message saying "Vertex buffer is not big enough for the draw call" The code I wrote is below. var wall_color = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("wall_color", scene); wall_color.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("", scene); build.material = wall_color; The code I apply the above lines is; Need help to solve this problem. Appreciate your help.
  8. tham_kathy

    How to join two walls as one?

    Actually I want to find the area of rectangle intersection. I want to remove that and make it as one wall line.
  9. This is a picture of two rooms. Each room has separate walls. I want to join the walls and make them as one. There should be only one wall in between two rooms. Appreciate your help.!
  10. Actually I want to build the walls of rooms. Couldn't find a way to do it
  11. I want to create 3D houses without doors and windows (only walls including inner walls and outer walls). I can draw the outer walls at run time by reading floor plans. But I couldn't find a way to implement inner walls of the house by reading floor plan. Is there a way? Really appreciate your help 🙏
  12. thanks a lot.!!! Really appreciate this..!! 🙏
  13. If you can, please give me further explanation cuz I'm very new to this.
  14. @dbawel Actually I don't know how to extrude points in order to build shapes. What I have is outer coordinates of house I have drawn houses like below; I need to create the gable roof of these houses at run time. Please give me a guidance