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  1. If you can, please give me further explanation cuz I'm very new to this.
  2. @dbawel Actually I don't know how to extrude points in order to build shapes. What I have is outer coordinates of house I have drawn houses like below; I need to create the gable roof of these houses at run time. Please give me a guidance
  3. Have any idea about building the roof for given different shapes (building shapes)?
  4. Thanks a lot guys..!!! I really appreciate this..!!! 🙏
  5. Thanks for the replies @dbawel and @Wingnut Actually I am very new to babylon js so I really appreciate your help. I'm going to build walls using below example
  6. I want to create a roof for each house that I'm generating. Roof should be created on top of the walls. So I want to create the roof using the footprint coordinate values. Plz give me a solution