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  1. phaserly

    Red glow mask canvasborder

    Hi, When my player gets damage i want to create a mask of transparant red glow around the insideborders of the canvas but i can't find any examples for phaser3?
  2. Hi, I have the code to pick up a ball with the overlay event. // in the game.js this.physics.add.overlap(this.ballGroup, this.player, this.ballGroup.collectBalls.bind(this.ballGroup)); // in the ballGroup.js collectBalls (player, ball) { if(player.balls >= 3 || === false) return; = false; ball.visible = false; // player.balls++; } Now i want to stick the ball/image to the player as a 'weapon'. In other words, how to i attach a sprite to another sprite. Thanks in advance!