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    Structure of a big project

    Hi guys, I'm fairly new to Phaser and before I start making a big project, I thought I'd ask you for some recommendations first. The goal is to create a super mario like game, including several levels with blocking elements, ground elements, gorges, colletable items and enemies. Some level include all of the above metioned, other levels don't. My programming goal is to have a project in the end, which is very flexibel and extendable to changes. Let's say I want to create a new level and I'm building my canvas by drag and dropping my images into the editor. It would be perfect if I could relate the images or groups to categories that got functionality (a block element may collide with you, a collectable item too but will be destroyed afterwards), because the only difference between different elements of the same category is their looking. Is it possible to have a canvas (not a prefab?) and assign custom fuctionality to them under the aspect of reusability as stated above?