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  1. Wolfsbane

    How to improve Load time?

    Maybe you're loading all the assets again twice? (or many times, depending on which scene you open) You do this: game.addAsset('bgm/shoot1.wav'); game.addAsset('bgm/shoot2.wav'); game.addAsset('bgm/hurt.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/jump.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/get.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/boss_dead.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/boom.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/boss.mp3'); But you're doing it for each scene load. I think once you've already added the assets to the game, they're in memory, and you don't need to load them again. You could load the generic sound/resources all at once at the start, and then only load scene specific resources for each scene. (e.g. background music only used in one scene) Loading is slow, but once they're in memory, they'll be super fast. 20mb is not too much to keep in memory.
  2. Wolfsbane

    [Panda2] Dead Gunner

    The app plays pretty well. I'd probably swap the shoot/shoot up button positions, though? I think it's easier/more natural to slide the thumb up to shoot then have to move my thumb all the way over to shoot. Right now, it feels a bit hard for me to jump then shoot. Maybe that's just me. Also, loading times on the app is surprisingly.. still quite long? I thought it'd be much faster, because all the files should be right there, (rather than on a webserver) but it still takes a while to load. Still think it is something that could be fixed. How are the images being loaded, are they all bundled as a single texture pack?
  3. Wolfsbane

    Christmas Breakout (classic Breakout with an xmas theme)

    Oh, come on, that's not a game over yet! It's clearly hitting the paddle! I guess this is one of your first game, so congrats! That's not too much to talk about for the game.. It's the type of game that's pretty simple. You've got the basic mechanics down which is great, but there's also lots of room to improve if you're wanting to put the time in. I'd add the ability to mouse control. It sucks if you don't get any feedback just because it's a bit simple. So we may as well just have a chat. What are your plans for the game (or just for the game design in general?) If you just want to learn how to build a basic game with javascript, then congrats, you've done a good job. The first few games are the hardest, and it'll only get easier for the next game (technically, anyway). Did you code it all from scratch, or are you using an engine? If you want to keep building on the design for this game, then I can try give some feedback and pointers. I've built a breakout myself, so I've done a lot of digging and research on the genre. It's still possible to do something unique, and pretty cool in it. Or even something not that unique, but still cool. I'd recommend giving this article a read: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/1630/breaking_down_breakout_system_and_.php?print=1 It's.. basically, fantastic! The article is about 12 years old, but a lot of the stuff it talks about is completely relevant for today. It talks about a lot of the different design options there are to go for. For me(personal preference): I dislike the style of ball movement that you have in this one. The player(me) has no control over where the ball goes. It can lead to levels where the ball is just bouncing almost up/down and constantly missing the last brick for a good minute or two. I like it when I can control the balls movements by hitting the ball on the right or left side of the paddle. I.e. ball hits the right most corner of my panel, I know theball will then bounce to the right, etc. Some breakout games have fixed ball movement (ball moves at a hard 45/35 degree angle) but it works out ok due to their level design. The ball bounces around, and gets in behind the various places on the level. Nice. But this is just a personal preference for ball movement. If you stick with this, then I'd suggest you have a think about the level design, or add some kind of feature to stop the player getting bored if they just have to get the last few bricks, and the ball is just bouncing up and down.. not challenging. One idea for this: Is you could add a condition. Once you're down to the last few bricks, then a present๐Ÿ“ฆ (or a few presents) can fall from the sky for the player to grab. This add's something interesting.. the player still has to knock the ball around while he waits for the ball to hit the last brick, but the player now has to time the bat, so he can hit the ball, scoot off to grab a present, then get back in time to knock the ball again. It's a small idea, but it's a little something extra you can add to the design to keep the player going. The player knows that at the end of each level, they'll get a short challenge to grab the bonus present before the end. Long post, but.. keep at it! ๐Ÿ‘ P.s. also: powerups, and bonus items falling from bricks are always fun!
  4. Wolfsbane

    [Panda2] Dead Gunner

    โค๏ธ Feels MegaMan-esque. Good stuff! it's a nice one. I played through till the first boss. Only area I think could be improved was the initial load time seemed quite slow.. could do with some optimizing maybe? How big is the game? I kind of expect low-res arcade web games to load within 10-15 sec. I guess it's got some big music files?
  5. Wolfsbane

    New version virus false positive?

    I get windows stopping me from installing on my company's laptop Because it's not my laptop I don't have the 'privileges' to ignore, and run anyway. Not a big issue for me (I only use it to play with at work) but an FYI.
  6. Wolfsbane

    Panda 2 Release notes

    Just quick confirm: I should have all these changes if I've been using the (latest) dev branch already, right?
  7. Wolfsbane

    Editor Crashing with HTML elements

    Thanks Enpu.
  8. Wolfsbane

    Editor Crashing with HTML elements

    Sure, thanks! I'm not sure if I'm breaking the typical use-case for PandaEditor, using it like this. I have a bad habit of trying to make one tool fit all.
  9. Wolfsbane

    Editor Crashing with HTML elements

    There also seems to be an issue with the mobile canvas dimension: If my width is larger than my height, it won't show up on PandaRemote. So with 240x320, it displays fine. With 320x240, it won't display on PandaRemote (but it displays fine in PandaEditor).
  10. Wolfsbane

    Editor Crashing with HTML elements

    Hi Team, I'm doing something a little bit different in Panda. I'm trying to create a mix of canvas and standard HTML elements. E.g. screenshot: So when you hit certain buttons, we'll call some functions from our scene, so we can see what happens. (e.g. game.system.scene.functionName()). Now: Things that don't work in Panda. The Attack Unit input box: I'm using html select: <select id = "AttackUnit"> <option value="Soldier">Soldier</option> <option value="Alpha Warrior">Alpha Warrior</option> <option value="Elf">Elf</option> <option value="M-31">M-31</option> </select> If you click on the element within the PandaEditor, Panda crashes. For the Defending unit input box, I tried using an input box with a datalist. e.g. something like this. <input list="DefendUnits" id="DefendUnit"> </br> <datalist id="DefendUnits"> <option value="Soldier"> <option value="Alpha Warrior"> </datalist> <input id="Create Defending Unit" type="button" value="Create Defending Unit" onclick="game.system.scene.createDefendingUnit(document.getElementById('DefendUnit').value);" /> This won't work in the Panda Editor. It doesn't crash, but it only ever passes an empty string. I *have* to type the name for it to work. If I just use an ordinary input type, and just type in my Unit name, it will work in the Panda Editor. All options work great if I just open it in Chrome. Edit: Also: Works fine in PandaRemote, too, on my phone. Any thoughts on this? Should I just simply assume that I shouldn't be trying to make non-html elements in the PandaEditor?
  11. Wolfsbane

    Length of sound?

    @enpu Fantastic. Thansk!
  12. Wolfsbane

    Length of sound?

    Hi Team, Bit of a lazy question: How would I get the length(time) of a Sound item? I think this should be available (duration??) but I can't seem to find it in the code. (The idea would be I could play the sound, then set a timer using the sound's length)
  13. Hi @Beny , If this is absolutely your first dive into making a game, I'd actually recommend maybe reading a book like Game Programming Patterns. ( The web version is completely free). It'll give you a better idea of the typical game life cycle, and you can adapt your PHP skills to design better for a game. The book is language agnostic.. so you can use the knowledge with any language. I know it's nothing to do with javascript, or babylon,js, or creating graphics.. but I'd definitely recommend reading this as one of your baby-steps towards your first game!
  14. Wolfsbane

    Classic Space Adventure

    Oh, come on, man, it's the first sentence in the game! ๐Ÿ˜ (Sorry.. it's obligatory to give a game dev a hard-time for typo's.. we all do it. ๐Ÿ˜Š. Game looks really good, did you do the graphics yourself?)
  15. Wolfsbane

    importing an external JS file

    There's one on the main website: https://www.panda2.io/tutorials/module