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  1. Wolfsbane

    About creating dynamic font for Japanese

    Yeah, if you open up a fnt file (and the associated png) you'll see it's just mapping characters to positions on the png. So you can generate a .fnt which just contains the character set you need.
  2. Wolfsbane

    About creating dynamic font for Japanese

    Hi ftguy, my understanding of the topic: You can load Kanji in Panda2: Download and install some font that has the japanese character sets onto your system (.ttf file). The default fonts, like Arial, won't have the necessary character set. Use some .fnt file generator (I used BMFont.. it's free). Select the character range you want. ( This link suggests "CJK unifed ideographs - Common and uncommon kanji ( 4e00 - 9faf)" ) Export the .fnt and .png generatored from your selected choice. (Only select character you need? If too many character sets elected, png is potentially too large...) Load into panda as per usual text. So what I'm not sure about is: What you mean my Dynamic Font. I kinda know that some characters are created by combining different strokes/characters together, etc, which I'm not quite sure about at all?
  3. Wolfsbane

    New Driving Game - Looking For Feedback

    Hey, it's awesome you came back, with a lot of good improvements. Good stuff! *I played with keyboard only, no mouse*. I actually really like the speed boost (and breaking). It feels quite nice. How about some slight rotation when moving left/right? So if you're moving right, the car angles right a little bit, then straightens up. Sometimes when driving, you can boost and wanting to slide inbetween two cars, but the gaps are a bit tight. Would be nice to kind of slide in there. Also, the collisions are a bit unforgiving. Something it pays to make the hitboxes a bit smaller than the actual graphic.. a player usually feels happier about sliding their car between a narrow gap (even if there is a few pixel overlap) than if they have an unforgiving pixel-perfect crash. (if that makes sense?). Well, something to think about as you play around with the game. Again, I tried this with keyboard, so might be different story with a mouse only/smartphone control. πŸ‘»
  4. Wolfsbane

    Spaceship 3D game template

    Neat! This is good stuff. ^^
  5. Wolfsbane

    About write code out of game.modules tab and build apk.

    hmm. That's interesting. I would have thought the Panda game.storage would just use local storage.
  6. No web (demo) version? Trailer looks great, and the gif make it look really neat, though.
  7. Wolfsbane

    Wizard Shield - Magic/Physics Based FPS

    This is multiplayer? I didn't see any other players. I like the concept. engine's still really basic right now. If you want to organize a test with a few players online, I'm happy to try join in, if you tag me @Wolfsbane, and I set a reminder for myself.
  8. Wolfsbane


    Hi @twohandslab, what tech/stack did you use to develop this? Played the web version, and enjoyed it. It's a solid game engine. And the graphics are pretty cool. Played the Android version, and it plays well. (Meizu MX6, Android 6.0). The only thing with the Android version, is maybe add the option of choosing a different movement control? I have very fat thumbs, and I find it hard to enjoy these types of games because my thumb is almost always covering my ship. Just a thought. Same with the web version, having the option of a keyboard control is a nice touch. As per ShrewdPixel, I also left you a review&rating on Google Play: 'Fun little shooter'. Good luck!
  9. Wolfsbane

    [Panda2]Make 10! - A card game for Android.

    Thanks Enpu! Yes, you're right. I should take a look at that. There was some reason I didn't code it that way to begin with, but I can't remember it now. I think I was just trying to keep things simple. That's a good idea. I'll take a look at that. Is crosswalk necessary to run the game at all on Android 4.x? But (for me): I used Crosswalk because I was getting blurred graphics for my build on my phone (which is Android 6.0). E.g. see this topic. I was testing on a chinese model (Meizu MX6). Appreciated! ☺️
  10. Wolfsbane

    WIP Loyal Online + example code

    Maybe think about adding a guest login feature at least for a beta? (I don't have Facebook, and I try to limit what Uncle Google thinks of me. )
  11. Wolfsbane

    [Panda2]Make 10! - A card game for Android.

    Thanks khleug35! Haha, yeah... I made an 'Easy Mode' if people really cant stand it when they get to the end, and the last 2 cards are stuck....
  12. Wolfsbane

    New Driving Game - Looking For Feedback

    When playing with mouse, I died the first time, because I was just clicking to the left/right of the car to move it. But if you click on the left side of the car, but it's still technically on the right side of the screen, it goes in the 'wrong' direction. (If that makes sense) Still, figured it out after that. πŸ˜ƒ Maybe that's just me being a bit dumb. I know you put the text/instructions at the start of the game, but it was a few too many words for me to read all at once. I've seen other games do different things, like flash one half of the screen with a right-arrow, and the other half with a left arrow. I'd say you've got a little bit too much text in general. From a UX/Design perspective. You can replace a lot of them with graphic icons, etc. This makes it better for international audience, as the UI becomes universal. E.g. 'Crashes Remaining:' could simply become 3 car icons. Each crash you are, a car turns into a wreck until they're all wrecks. Score is just score. Could just do a coin icon, or some other icon rather than just text 'score'. I'd also add some transition/animation between movements. E.g. right now you click right, you are instantly moved into the next lane. that might be okay for the gameplay, (especially once the game gets too fast). But visually, it might be nicer to have the car 'smoothly' slip into the next lane. Something to think about. Some design things to think about: Some rewards to the player as they're playing. E.g. they hit 10 points, A star pops up. 30 points, second star flashes out on screen. A bit of particle/eye candy stuff that feeds that 'I'm doing good stuff' for the player.
  13. Hiya Guys and Girls, Make 10! is a fairly simple, solitaire-like Card game that requires a bit of math, memory, and luck to complete with a perfect score. But it's pretty satisfying when that's achieved. It's great for children, but provides a pretty addictive little experience for adults, too. Currently: This game is Android App only. I'm working on a website to publish it to. One of the feedback's I'd like to hear: Is the .apk size putting you off downloading? It's almost 60mb, and most of it's because it's been built with Crosswalk. (which should produce a slightly higher quality, but I'm not sure if it's worth the extra 40+mb filesize...) You can also leave a rating, if ya like. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ Game link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.daringclass.MakeTen Screenshots: Tech info: Game developed and built with Panda2. (Which as been a pretty good experience, and it's proven very well suited for building Card games.) Really made the Javascript-to-App conversion super painless. Art by the talented @Nikky Oryzano (Who I'd recommend Panda Community: Tagging in the Panda boys: @enpu , @Ninjadoodle , @khleug35 , @pstrejczek . Go go go! πŸ˜ƒ (Sorry if if you're not a 'droid user. 🧐 )
  14. Wolfsbane

    ThreeJS and FBX file

    How did I miss this? Really impressive demo!
  15. Wolfsbane

    How to improve Load time?

    Maybe you're loading all the assets again twice? (or many times, depending on which scene you open) You do this: game.addAsset('bgm/shoot1.wav'); game.addAsset('bgm/shoot2.wav'); game.addAsset('bgm/hurt.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/jump.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/get.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/boss_dead.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/boom.mp3'); game.addAsset('bgm/boss.mp3'); But you're doing it for each scene load. I think once you've already added the assets to the game, they're in memory, and you don't need to load them again. You could load the generic sound/resources all at once at the start, and then only load scene specific resources for each scene. (e.g. background music only used in one scene) Loading is slow, but once they're in memory, they'll be super fast. 20mb is not too much to keep in memory.