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  1. You can't register/play unless you have an Alpha Code? Regardless, best of luck with the game.
  2. Hey, congrats on finishing another game. I've given it a go on PC for the moment, and got so far as stage 6. It plays really well! And looks pretty good. But no sound? Will play on the Android version a bit later, and let you know how that plays. 👍
  3. It's a nice little game! Don't think I've seen design quite like this before, so kudos for getting your own twist in a platform puzzler. The visuals are really nice. Got through till level 14. If you want feedback/critique, I'd just say I'm not sure about the controls. Mouse and then keys, and then space. I've got big hands, and game a little bit but my having to use arrows + space with one hand, and then mouse is a bit awkward. Generally this type of game you might aim for a casual audience(or even think about making it work on a smart phone). The simpler the control schema, the better.
  4. Ugh, and I even read the topic about that bug. Yep, that did the trick, cheers! I did update, but it was the auto-update (when opening a project, Panda Editor suggests I update). I guess that one isn't Dev by update. I manually clicked update, and all is well now.
  5. Ah ha, yep, that 3rd one would be handy! But I won't necessarily have my animations named in a simple sequence like that. Sometimes we want animation to reuse a specific image. Take a typical retro-style game. A walking cycle might have 4 frames like this: But this is actually only 3 separate images. A standing image, a right-foot forward image, and a left-foot forward image. By mixing 0,1,3,0, we don't need to load the second standing image. So still not ideal.
  6. Hey Team, Quick question here: So we can define animations using the two ways below (Copy/pasted from Panda examples page). Is it possible to define an animation like the 3rd way I listed below? I tried to get it to work.. it didn't, so I assume it's not supported. But seems more convenient to build up an animation this way? The first method (defining indexes) is not very convenient. I'm pretty sure with TexturePacker, my texture sheet is going to be jumbled up, and indexes will change as I continue to add more sprites. The second way is better, but I can't define 'run', or 'jump'-style animations, which I'd like to. Any thoughts? Am I missing something here? //One way this.anim = new game.Animation('player.atlas'); this.anim.addAnim('run', [3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]); this.anim.addAnim('jump', [2, 1], { speed: 3, loop: false }); this.anim.play('run'); //second way var anim = new game.Animation([ 'anim1.png', 'anim2.png', 'anim3.png' ]); anim.play(); //third way.. won't work?? this.anim = new game.Animation('player.atlas'); this.anim.addAnim('run', [ 'anim1.png', 'anim2.png', 'anim3.png' ]); this.anim.play('run');
  7. @enpu Is it just me, or is the RPG template failing now also, once updated? It looks a bit like this for me: No tilemap loaded. I'm on Panda 2.12.0. Don't really have time to debug this, atm, but if someone confirms it's the same for them, I can start to look.
  8. Quite nice presentation. Played it on my laptop (Chrome) No technical issues. Levels felt a bit repetitive? Maybe a bouncier ball could allow for some more creative level designs. Something to think about. Good job!
  9. Yeah, if you open up a fnt file (and the associated png) you'll see it's just mapping characters to positions on the png. So you can generate a .fnt which just contains the character set you need.
  10. Hi ftguy, my understanding of the topic: You can load Kanji in Panda2: Download and install some font that has the japanese character sets onto your system (.ttf file). The default fonts, like Arial, won't have the necessary character set. Use some .fnt file generator (I used BMFont.. it's free). Select the character range you want. ( This link suggests "CJK unifed ideographs - Common and uncommon kanji ( 4e00 - 9faf)" ) Export the .fnt and .png generatored from your selected choice. (Only select character you need? If too many character sets elected, png is potentially too large...) Load into panda as per usual text. So what I'm not sure about is: What you mean my Dynamic Font. I kinda know that some characters are created by combining different strokes/characters together, etc, which I'm not quite sure about at all?
  11. Hey, it's awesome you came back, with a lot of good improvements. Good stuff! *I played with keyboard only, no mouse*. I actually really like the speed boost (and breaking). It feels quite nice. How about some slight rotation when moving left/right? So if you're moving right, the car angles right a little bit, then straightens up. Sometimes when driving, you can boost and wanting to slide inbetween two cars, but the gaps are a bit tight. Would be nice to kind of slide in there. Also, the collisions are a bit unforgiving. Something it pays to make the hitboxes a bit smaller than the actual graphic.. a player usually feels happier about sliding their car between a narrow gap (even if there is a few pixel overlap) than if they have an unforgiving pixel-perfect crash. (if that makes sense?). Well, something to think about as you play around with the game. Again, I tried this with keyboard, so might be different story with a mouse only/smartphone control. 👻
  12. Neat! This is good stuff. ^^
  13. hmm. That's interesting. I would have thought the Panda game.storage would just use local storage.
  14. No web (demo) version? Trailer looks great, and the gif make it look really neat, though.