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  1. @linhcophu I believe that every API has a sample code in the documentation I shared with you (shareAsync does, at least)
  2. @linhcophu The only API you can use are the one from the Instant Games SDK:
  3. @b10b Oh you are right, it is documented (thus it should work). I understand your use case, it makes sense. Would you mind opening a bug report on our bugs tool?
  4. @b10b As far as I know, what you are trying to do is undocumented for Instant Games, so I am not clear on what the expected result should be. See here: What is the use case for creating leaderboards through that endpoint?
  5. - Do not ask for any user information that is not provided by the Instant Games SDK (including use of the Facebook Platform Javascript SDK) (Source: - No, you cannot. Note: can you put a better title so we do not need to open your post to know what it is about, your title was too generic. Thanks.
  6. @shwekayin I will probably forget. It is better you join this group:
  7. See this: Your question is a duplicate of the question asked right before yours:
  9. If the issue persists:
  10. Is it Instant Games related? This group is about Instant Games, not audience network. And I do not think what you are trying to do is possible anyway (to confirm with audience network though).
  11. Thank you for letting me know. I will check with my team to make sure we block that behavior.
  12. You can submit only one Instant Game per week. Adding more developers will not help.
  13. Hummm... a few things come to my mind: - Make sure you do not load more than 3 ads at a time. - Load a new ad only if you managed to show one - Try to wait 30s after getting a rate limit error message
  14. Once an ad has been shown, you must load another one.