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  1. @o0Corps0o You are sent to this page, right? You just need to scroll down, there is a section called "Still need help?", click on the "Get Started" button. You can then select a category, then you ll have several options, one being "Email our support team".
  2. @o0Corps0o Do you have an account here: ? If yes, there should be a contact form on the top right corner ("?" -> Contact Us). That would be the right place to ask.
  3. @usergame Thank you for sharing your feeling and experience about the Instant Games platform. We value all types of feedback, and I will make sure your message is communicated to our product team.
  4. @o0Corps0o Make sure the Android version is 4.X, nothing equal or above 5.0. Then it should be OK.
  5. @PuzzleGuy It might be that you do not pause the sound when needed. Does your sounds/music actually play in in silent mode on iOS (do you manage to repro the issue)? Have you implemented something like this: FBInstant.onPause(function() { // Pause your game and the sound here. // Show a dialog with a "Resume" button that will resume the game // and the sound. })
  6. "I create the SSL" -> How did you do that? You can read about self-signed certificate and security issues here:
  7. @Yuri Sukhorukov Can you provide more details, like app ID, OS, steps to reproduce and maybe some screenshots? Thank you. My first guess: you are trying to re-play with someone you played with before but who is not an actual friend of yours in Messenger, correct? I don't think you can search people who are not actually friends with you.
  8. Business/Individual verification is an efficient moderation tool and is beneficial to genuine developers. You are right to say that we have introduced a barrier by requiring business verification in order to improve the quality of the games and keep bad actors out. We will introduce individual verification very soon. Once you are verified (business or individual), you will not have to go through that process again, and it is an open platform as anyone can apply.
  9. @Tiaaanda What game engine are you using? This section is for Instant Games, please move your post to the right section (probably the one for the engine you are using).
  10. @o0Corps0o Did you contact Audience Network? And you appealed by following this process, right?
  11. @o0Corps0o I cannot support you without an app ID.
  12. @Patrick_NoD You do not need to submit for verification through that setting yourself. Everything should happen through the App settings.
  13. It might be helpful to provide information about the game so we can look into it.
  14. @SahJ why don't you contact them directly? Here is their bot: (it might not be the recommended way to contact them for your specific issue though)
  15. @pingu when you have reproducible bugs, you can go directly to
  16. @pingu The post says it all, there is nothing more I can add.
  17. Hi @pingu, please consult this page:
  18. @Xe Sean I already answered that in your other thread. Please avoid posting the same question in multiple threads.
  19. Hi @Xe Sean, It is not available publicly at the moment.
  20. Hi, Yes, it is definitely against the policies.
  21. @o0Corps0o Not yet. I do not think you should wait for it as there is no guarantee about when it will be implemented (if it gets implemented).