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  1. Hi @SahJ, I do not understand your question.
    When choosing a context with chooseAsync, the client will try to switch to that context and resolve. What do you mean by "when my friend accepts"?

    console.log(FBInstant.context.chooseAsync()) -> why are you logging a method call?
    Did you set base64Picture properly?

    chooseAsync( )

    Opens a context selection dialog for the player. If the player selects an available context, the client will attempt to switch into that context, and resolve if successful. Otherwise, if the player exits the menu or the client fails to switch into the new context, this function will reject.

  2. Hi @pingu, might want to check the documentation for "strategy":

    • strategy string? Specifies how the update should be delivered. This can be one of the following: 'IMMEDIATE' - The update should be posted immediately. 'LAST' - The update should be posted when the game session ends. The most recent update sent using the 'LAST' strategy will be the one sent. 'IMMEDIATE_CLEAR' - The update is posted immediately, and clears any other pending updates (such as those sent with the 'LAST' strategy). If no strategy is specified, we default to 'IMMEDIATE'.