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  1. MaguroSenbei

    Transparent Background

    Can you please be more explicit. Where is the corrected phaser.ts file that you are talking about? I have updated to the latest 3.11.0 phaser.d.ts and phaser.min.js and the background is still not transparent. Phaser3-Doc Repository new Phaser.Game({ width : 1920, height : 1080, parent : document.getElementById("application"), scene : MainScene, type : Phaser.AUTO, fps : {target: 60, min: 30}, "render.transparent" : true, "render.autoResize" : true, physics : { default: "arcade" } }); Okay so apparently the problem I am facing is this: Changing "render.transparent" to "transparent" resolves this problem. I assume all "xxxx.yyyy" keys are not working as intended as of now.
  2. MaguroSenbei

    Transparent Background

    I am encountering this problem as well and would really appreciate if you can explicitly tell how you overcome it.