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  1. There's many reasons to migrate to Phaser v3.x.x. My favorite is the new Scenes. I was able to produce 5 interactively.
  2. Found this .... Actual literal translation from the grimoire — “Lore of Phaser v3.x.x.”a is: One File to rule them all — (Phaser.Game the God-class!), One File to find them — (Phaser.Boot), One File to bring them all — (Phaser.Load), and in the darkness bind them! — (Phaser.Scene) quoted from "Phaser III Game Prototypes" @ leanpub.com
  3. PBM3

    Any reason why Kiwi is not popular here?

    Kiwi is simply the best, I use is in several games.
  4. Just found this site from a popular author on Phaser v3.x.x. It's a newly launched book for "16 Classic Game mechanics for Phaser3 Gaming Frameworks". There only 1% completed, and an email list when it is completed published. There's also a Phaser v3 Game Developer Certification course available with the book or separately at https://leanpub.com/c/p3gdc