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  1. MrGroove

    Get mtlib from OBJLoader

    in Babylon.OBJ-Exporter I have to set the matlibname before exporting. my plan was to "extract" the correct name from the loaded obj.
  2. Hi, is it possible to get the mtlib-filename after loading an obj-file? Best
  3. Hi, are there any known bugs with PositionGiizmo, UtilityRenderer and a right handed Babylon scene? If i set scene.useRightHandedSystem to true (line 4), the rendering seems to be broken. Can anybody help me how to display it correctly? Best
  4. Hi, i'm trying to export an obj-file with babylon.objSerializer. Everthing works well, but my "output"-filesize is around 2*input-filesize. Is there a way to reduce the filesize to the input-filesize? What I'm doing wrong? Best
  5. Hi, is it possible to change the behavior of the camera control? I need to adjust the controls to the following: - Right Mouse Click - Rotate Camera - Mouse Wheel Click - Pan Camera Any tips how to do this? Best
  6. Hi everyone, i'm positioning the camera (ArcRotateCamera) to specific points with (for example) camera.setPosition(new BABYLON.Vector3(0,500,0) After panning the camera, i have problems to reset the camera position. Is there a property to reset the panning? Best regards
  7. Hi everbody, i've got an array of n-vectors, which define an outline of an intersection. My problem - they are not "ordered", so it can happen, that there are "cross lines". is it possible to "order" them by the nearest distance to each other? Best
  8. MrGroove

    Clip / Slice Objects

    Nice, thank you! would it be possible to get the points of intersection with this method?
  9. MrGroove

    CSG Substraction with complex model

    Hi, yes. With a simple mesh it works. Best
  10. MrGroove

    CSG Substraction with complex model

    My CSG after BABYLON.CSG.FromMesh has about 100'000 Polygons
  11. Hi everybody, is there any limitation regarding the number of vertices for a substraction in Babylon / CSG? I've got a complex (imported) object and my browser hangs up (JS out of memory error). With a simple object, it works perfectly. Best regards
  12. MrGroove

    Clip / Slice Objects

    Hi everybody, is it possible to clip an object for a specific plane inside of a scene? Here's an example from tree.js: Is there something similar in BJS? Thanks in advance .