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  1. Thank you,. But my problem is, i have to use "natural" lights. When I use environmentIntensity, they don't affect the material.
  2. Hi, is it possible to change the "intensity" of a reflection texture? I have an object with PBR Materials and a reflection texture from a dds-file (CubeTexture). If I switch off all lights in the scene, the texture is still shown. As a user, I would expect, that everything is "dark". Is it possible to change the brightness / oapcity / intensity of a reflection Texture? Best
  3. Hi everbody, are there any limitations in Babylon regarding pbr-materials and shadows / self-shadowing? Best
  4. MrGroove

    Problems in PBR / lights - not visible Isn't it possible to use a spot light? everything is black in this example.
  5. Hi everbody, i have some problems with pbr-material. If I set a spot light, the material doesn't affect. Can anybody help me? Best
  6. MrGroove

    Get mtlib from OBJLoader

    in Babylon.OBJ-Exporter I have to set the matlibname before exporting. my plan was to "extract" the correct name from the loaded obj.
  7. Hi, is it possible to get the mtlib-filename after loading an obj-file? Best
  8. Hi, are there any known bugs with PositionGiizmo, UtilityRenderer and a right handed Babylon scene? If i set scene.useRightHandedSystem to true (line 4), the rendering seems to be broken. Can anybody help me how to display it correctly? Best
  9. Hi, i'm trying to export an obj-file with babylon.objSerializer. Everthing works well, but my "output"-filesize is around 2*input-filesize. Is there a way to reduce the filesize to the input-filesize? What I'm doing wrong? Best
  10. Hi, is it possible to change the behavior of the camera control? I need to adjust the controls to the following: - Right Mouse Click - Rotate Camera - Mouse Wheel Click - Pan Camera Any tips how to do this? Best
  11. Hi everyone, i'm positioning the camera (ArcRotateCamera) to specific points with (for example) camera.setPosition(new BABYLON.Vector3(0,500,0) After panning the camera, i have problems to reset the camera position. Is there a property to reset the panning? Best regards
  12. Hi everbody, i've got an array of n-vectors, which define an outline of an intersection. My problem - they are not "ordered", so it can happen, that there are "cross lines". is it possible to "order" them by the nearest distance to each other? Best
  13. MrGroove

    Clip / Slice Objects

    Nice, thank you! would it be possible to get the points of intersection with this method?
  14. MrGroove

    CSG Substraction with complex model

    Hi, yes. With a simple mesh it works. Best