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  1. AdrianG001

    WebGL: cloud-based or self-hosted?

    Welcome to the real world, I began my journey 15 years ago and have been through biased rules from everywhere to realize the truth, web design software that self destruct to force user to upgrade. Web hosting that sabotage a website to sell security and backup packageā€¦ targeted search restriction. I only found WebGL publication tool years later and stumble on Blend for Web but too expensive, then Verge3D is the best solution, you are on the right track with gltf. Regards, Adrian Cloud Expert - CloudDesktopOnline
  2. AdrianG001

    Should I get a VPS or a Cloud Droplet

    Both 1and1 and DigitalOcean are tried and tested by me during our game project in the previous company. We got introduced to Apps4Rent as our managed service provider and the prices and overall support was much more better. Regards, Adrian
  3. AdrianG001

    How do you promote your android games?

    Offer App installs using Facebook ads. ...Finish and Optimize your App. ...Submit to Multiple stores. ..Make a Freemium app. ... Promoting through Reviews. ... Promoting through free content. Regards, Adrian Gates Cloud Expert - O365CloudExperts.
  4. AdrianG001

    Best engine for isometric RPG

    I would suggest LibGDX and Cocos2D bt persoanlly i would prefer LibGDX because it seems pretty great to me, though I just started with it about a week ago. It's in Java, which is pretty similar to C# that you should be familiar with coming from Unity. One thing you may find interesting about it, though I haven't actually used it, is that the Camera object has a setting for Isometric. Regards, Adrian Gates Sr. Developer - Apps4Rent.
  5. AdrianG001

    I'm a programmer and I want to help

    Hello, Currently i`m working on creating a small SQL Server on managed azure platform would you like to assist me ? Please shoot me an email to Regards, Adrian Gates