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  1. That's a big improvement, thank you! Some weird things still happen when you add the blue ball, but I have only one "ball" in the game, so I am going with this
  2. Unfortunately, I am playing the second animation when the first one is finished AND the user is still pressing the arrow key, so it's a kind of last-minute decision. As I understand it, playing kf2 twice sets the position twice within the same frame, but no further delay is expected. Of course Babylon is spending some time to start the new animation, but I am getting stable 60fps during the whole animation and it does not look like Babylon is trailing behind.
  3. Hello all, I am chaining movement animations for a tile-based game but I am getting some annoying jitter between the steps: The red ball is like my current code: start animation1, "wait" for onFinished() and then start animation2 (in the game, animation2 is started only if arrow key is still down) What can I do to improve this? Also, a weird thing I noticed: when I enable both red and blue, frequently blue jitters while red goes smooth.
  4. Hello, I am playing around with multiple animations (animation ranges) and I found an odd behavior in cloned meshes: I looks like the animations are cloned but the animation ranges are not. Is this intended behaviour? Thanks