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  1. Ize

    Scrolling text

    cool but coming back to my original question... how do i improve it? if you change the gameDesc.text variable and put in shorter or longer text the timing will be off or, depending on how short the text is, it will fit in the rectangle and doesn't even need to scroll. can i calculate how big the text / texttexture? will be given the font size / width of the object and use that so it won't truncate my text if it's longer or stop the setinterval if the text fits within it's parent?
  2. Ize

    Scrolling text

    i noticed this as you were replying here is another try which hopefully won't break the playground: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#T2LHL3
  3. Ize

    Scrolling text

    Hey, for my project i need a scrolling text view. I've managed to get a clunky version working but it's not optimal since you have to play around with the values every time the text changes: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#DZ7134 Is there a better way (there must be, i just suck at js :D) to do this? Thanks in advance.