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  1. My knowledge is reasonable about html5, CSS and JS (That's more or less). Anyway, I also know RPG Maker MV, I think a great engine, even more now can export the project for web. ^^ Oh, I'll take a look at this tutorial later. Cool you are writing a guide, hope you can finish and also that in the future there may be more posts, videos, tutorials with quality speaking of the PixiJS. You who know, share the knowledge with the beginners. Because there is not much content and main in my language.
  2. Hello Devs, I would like to know, what do I need to learn to play with PixiJS? I want to create advanced games in 2d. I know Pixi is not a game engine and there are other frameworks like Phaser, Cocos2D, MelonJS and so on... Pixi will be useful to me to develop other projects besides games. Perhaps the most experienced here can give me tips and also other people who are having difficulties. Thanks.