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    Tool to convert a video to base64

    Sorry for my multiple thread. I found that when i played :"EverWing", i can share a video on my timeline. Is this function still in beta? Like the cross promotion before?
  2. Xe Sean

    ShareAsync Error

    Noel, Sorry to trouble you again. I found that some games can share their "Click to Play" video, could you tell me how to make that work?
  3. Thanks bro, we have fixed the play model. Thanks
  4. Hello dude, I want to know how to create the "click to play video" on Facebook instant game. And i guess that there might be a tool that can convert the video to base64 format to make it works. Thanks
  5. I want to add some function to my game which based on LBS. But i don't know is this server supported on facebook instant game ?
  6. Xe Sean

    ShareAsync Error

    Is it necessary to create a app page for my instant game? Sorry , i have checked it. There is an app page for my test demo. And the app id : 2048297028751751 The code screenshots have been added too. You can check it. Thanks.
  7. Xe Sean

    ShareAsync Error

    When i call shareAsync function, in chrome console gives next errors: POST https://www.facebook.com/react_composer/logging/ods/?event=bootload_start&attachment_type=MEDIA&dpr=1 404 () ErrorUtils caught an error: "<![EX[["Async request failed with error %s: %s when requesting %s","404","Про...". Subsequent errors won't be logged; see https://fburl.com/debugjs. POST https://www.facebook.com/react_composer/logging/ods/?event=bootstrap_start&attachment_type=MEDIA&dpr=1 404 () Can anybody tell me how it happens or how i can solve it. Thanks.
  8. Xe Sean

    api for cross promotion

    Thanks dude, i have checked the document. The "beta bla bla" were mentioned 1 month ago, when i ask the supporter of the platform. I want to set the cross promotion of my instant games.
  9. Hello, dude. Have this api "switchGameAsync" complete the beta ?