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  1. mrseo88

    I need to crop text or wordwrap using bitmaptext

    For text sizing use these function without "dynamic.setFixedSize(10,10)" bmpText = game.add.bitmapText(32, 32, 'desyrel', text, 52); the last parameter of the function is the size. For more info you can see here:
  2. mrseo88

    I need to crop text or wordwrap using bitmaptext

    Can you post a part of your code?
  3. mrseo88

    I need to crop text or wordwrap using bitmaptext

    Hi, you can finde it here
  4. mrseo88

    My web games site (4 games so far)

    Hi, I like minimal webdesign, but for gaming portals I would use bright colors or funny bakcground. For european users you should implement privacy & cookie policy GDBR (The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation). Privacy Policy for google login and leaderboards Cookie policy for Google Analytics
  5. mrseo88

    Bounce Balls - Arcade game [construct2]

    Hi, Thank you
  6. mrseo88

    line not rendering from array

    Hi, the problem is not the loop inside the rende function, but some tricks of your code. You must change create and update functions. Your code can be changed like this var poly, graphics, game = new Phaser.Game(this.width, this.height, Phaser.CANVAS, 'phaser-example', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update, render: render }); var handle1; var spritearr; var i = 100; var linearr; var index = 0; var j = 0; spritearr = []; linearr = []; function preload() { game.load.spritesheet('balls', '../../assets/sprites/ball.jpg', 100, 100); } function create() { game.stage.backgroundColor = '#124184'; //LOOP = CREATE BALLS && lines array for (var k = 0; k < 4; k++) { spritearr.push(game.add.sprite(400 + i, 400, 'balls')); spritearr[spritearr.length - 1].anchor.set(0.5); spritearr[spritearr.length - 1].inputEnabled = true; spritearr[spritearr.length - 1].input.enableDrag(true); game.physics.arcade.enable(spritearr[spritearr.length - 1]); i = i + 100; if (k == 0) {} else { index++; linearr.push(new Phaser.Line(spritearr[k].x, spritearr[k].y, spritearr[index].x, spritearr[index].y)); } } } function update() { var counter = 0; //VALOCITY UPDATE for (var k = 0; k < spritearr.length; k++) { spritearr[k].body.velocity.x = -100; if (spritearr[k].x < 0) { spritearr[k].destroy(); spritearr.splice(k, 1); graphicsarr.splice(k, 1); } index++; } //LINE CREATION for (j = 0; j < linearr.length; j++) { counter++; linearr[j].fromSprite(spritearr[j], spritearr[counter], false); } } function render() { //LINES LOOP RENDER for (j = 0; j < linearr.length; j++) { game.debug.geom(linearr[j]); } } You can see a working demo here
  7. Coding: HTML5/Construct2 Game: Bounce balls free-to-play arcade game enjoyment for all Balls Bounce fans. -Power Ups -Leaderboard Browser demo Google play android game App Store ios game
  8. mrseo88

    Ball Escape

    Coding: HTML5/Construct2 Game: Capture the key and run away! -You cant colliding with white balls -Capture the key and reach the escape label Browser demo Google play android game
  9. mrseo88

    36 puzzle game

    Coding: HTML5/Construct2 Game: 36 puzzle game Your goal is 36 ! Can you do it? place the frist number where you want! next sequence of numbers can be placed only skipping two pieces in one of 4 directions + another one on the left or on the right from lad number Youtube video Browser Demo Google play android game