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  1. Thank you very much for the response to my question. I would like to ask if the income originates from the adds or purhasing the games?
  2. Did you manage to monetize the game, or it is just a great hobby?
  3. Is it true that phaser 2 examples are going to disappear as soon as phaser 3 goes on?
  4. makis

    Best way to learn Phaser 3?

    When somebody came and learned phaser 2 Rich came and changed it to something much much more difficult. Now only the ones, that are preselected from their masters voice, will have the chance to make games. Yeah!
  5. makis

    Best way to learn Phaser 3?

    It is discusting I fully agree! Rich take the money from mozilla and make the phaser 4, then phaser 5, then... 1000. Who care. It is all a joke!
  6. makis

    is Phaser 3 not for newbie?

    That is true. Phaser boss has nothing to do with people that are not big developpers. We others are just nothing
  7. sandbox editor on ph 2 page, can't find my online png images?
  8. makis

    Tutorial requests

    I would like to have anything new tutorial on phaser.
  9. makis

    Any reason to use phaser...

    Can I ask a question? Unreal engine is it to hard to learn it from scratch only reading and seeing free tutorials? I speak just about having fun. Is it worth the effort?
  10. makis

    Minako Vs Zombies - New Phaser Game

    Congratulations! I think doing It for self amusement is a great thing. Sometimes I feel like my energy is drenching throw the process of making a game that is all!
  11. makis

    Any reason to use phaser...

    I am with you. I agree. Online games are great! Because I can not have the pleasure to learn phaser and the reason for that it is a little obscure for me. I mean how someone with little experience on the subject can go with phaser without decent turtorials. Whithout a great book like the one I am reading on Godot. I have not a chance. Sadly. But I do have chances with svg and greensock (gsap.js). Here is my new pen!
  12. makis

    Minako Vs Zombies - New Phaser Game

    I think it is good. I have a philosophical issue: What is the reason to make a game that is time and self consuming ? These times and days, one will play with it for 2 or 3 days, 5 min/day and then forget it, in order to look for another little sweet "nothing". It just not makes sense! Do you think it is any profitable at all?
  13. makis

    Any reason to use phaser...

    For small games It is ok. But It is the apps that one has in his mind. The mobile apps.
  14. makis

    Any reason to use phaser...

    Godot has a great book that can you teach everything in 220 pages. Then billions of resources on YouTube and people that really do their best for you to make your progress. That is everything a guy wants. He studies. He gets knowledge. Phaser from the other... It has Feronato the great whith his ... books that is just a joke! It has dev forum whith advanced members that don’t give a shit for beginners. There is no way for a newbie to make a clear step. Just disappointments. Just don’t bother as. We are devs. We don't want others to come in. Its enough. Very soon I will post here my games made with godot!
  15. makis

    Any reason to use phaser...

    Since GODOT does everything that Phaser does but with greater facilitaton as well as more quickly and with great easiness and much much less effort blood and tears. Why to use phaser any more?