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    Optimization of the isometric engine

    Hi, thanks for reply. @JohnK can You say more about this listener to canvas? I don't know exactly what to do. 😁
  2. Hello, I would like write simple isometric engine, where the map contains lot of isometric fields/tiles in 3 dimension - like in Minecraft. However, I can not write it in the optimal way. The camera it's attached to central box (this simulate the player) and based on his position generates nearby "Chunks". I divide map for chunks (like in Minecraft - https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Chunk) and generates them depending on needs. Unfortunately, when the program renders these chunks, there is quite a strong lag. When the player stands still, the number of FPS is better, but it is still quite low. Below I copied the code from my program. Could someone look at it and tell me how I could optimize it all? The amount of FPS and lag are unfortunately too big. I do not have any ideas how to do it better. 😥 https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#QDTBMH#6
  3. Hey, I have "the game" with very more elements (Box) and i have problem with performance. Amount of FPS is very low (~15-20) for 16k elements in map (isometric mesh with box as single tile), but I do not need this all elements and my question is: how to control it? Is there any method in which I can give information which currently elements should I display? Method for a single frame?