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  1. geeksesi::javad();

    Sheep Farm - HTML5

    hello. it's good. but why lose ? u can share resource with other players. please grow this game it's good
  2. geeksesi::javad();

    I made my first game. It's a simple casual game for web and Android

    Hi. good game but i have question. what's your unity version ? i think new version of unity hasn't web framework...🤔 oh. i think it's good if you make leaderboard for this game and connect it on telegram game bot. if you want think i can make a leader board for your game 😉
  3. geeksesi::javad();

    Instant Online Soccer

    hi... i have some error on that page...
  4. geeksesi::javad();

    Beppigames Puzzles

    hi, Sandcastles is too hard
  5. geeksesi::javad();

    Friendly competition - Retro Remake Challenge!

    so...start the match and give more info about what should we make and how ranking games 😉
  6. geeksesi::javad();

    [Phaser 3] Maggot Diorama | clicker, defense

    i played game by a proxy (TOR) very good game with simple and beauty graphic... if you make this game's source code free on github or other place other programmer can grow your game with your name think about it please
  7. geeksesi::javad();

    How to resize wall on hit

    i'm new to phaser and maybe my answer not true.. but i think in html ( mean css ) change size of a object is not recommended. i think if you make small wall is better than resize a wall means: for example now your wall size is 9*9(for example) and when tank is shoting you want remove 3*3 size of wall ( you want to resize that big pic to a smaller pic)... i said way you do this ? make 3*3 wall pic and if tank shot you remove ( hide ) that's 3*3's better than resize a wall ( sorry about bad english writing...i hope you understand my meaning )
  8. geeksesi::javad();

    How to resize wall on hit

    Hi, i think.. you can make define 2 pic one : the big wall two : the small wall after shot hide big wall and replace small wall tip : maybe it's not good idea but it word
  9. geeksesi::javad();

    Friendly competition - Retro Remake Challenge!'s good. i think it's better if we focus on idea... ( because i'm new to make game ) like a new type of board game ( ex mix a some board like ches and other ) and rate game by idea... and for prize we can grow the best and popular idea to make a good game ( sorry about my bad english writing, I hope you understand what I want to say )
  10. geeksesi::javad();

    What IDE do you use for JS/HTML5 coding and why?

    i'm php dev more than html & js ... i'm using sublime without a good auto complete ( just basics ) if anyone need a good feature and very good auto complete... i offer phpstorm or webstorm and i think you forget to add emacs... i think it's a good editor ( with hard configuration and use )
  11. geeksesi::javad();

    Phaser 3 book can start phaser 2 and just follow news about phaser 3 and grow your ability by test and make a simple game... with google ( i use ddg ) and console.log ( ) you can make a phaser 3 game by phaser 2 document try it....