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  1. SahJ

    Problem with Webhook URL

    I already got it, thanks for your reply
  2. SahJ

    Touchstart problem

    The problem is that touch.end does not work very well on iphone, put a time limit for example
  3. Hi, I have a server, I have created a node.js server to create the webhook, I create the SSL and the HTTPS protocol works, but when it comes to putting the url on Facebook, it gives me these errors The URL could not be validated Callback verification failed with the following errors: curl_errno = 60; curl_error = ssl certificate problem: self signed certificate; http status code = 200; http message = connection established.
  4. SahJ

    Touchstart problem

    I had the same problem with IOS devices, we have to find another method to simulate the touch start
  5. SahJ

    Help! I've got a problem

    Did you try using adobe photoshop to change the size of the image?
  6. SahJ

    Review the game looks blank

    I think I found the problem, it's a dictionary problem
  7. Hello, this is the second time I have sent the game to review and it is the second time that the review staff tells me that the game looks blank, but I have tested on several IOS and Android devices and it works, and with different accounts of partners . Does anyone know why this happens?
  8. SahJ

    Doubts with chatfuel

    And contact them, so that users can capture you users have to start a conversation with the get started button. Does anyone use a similar tool like dialogflow or some other? To know your opinion.
  9. Hello, I am interested in using this tool for my project, the problem is that if you play and you have not spoken with the bot, it does not save you in the database and this does not reach the scheduled notifications My question is, if someone has used it and managed to get it to save the users? Any similar tool recommended? I've been watching dialogflow but according to the guide to prove it my project has to be public
  10. I was using this method and it works when player B enters the game with the frame that sends shareAsync () by messenger, up here well, but player A has the getEntryPointData () equal to null. My idea is to create a waiting room where player A waits for a certain amount of time for Player B to enter and skip the game.
  11. SahJ

    FBInstant.context Clearing Player

    How did you change the context?
  12. SahJ

    share in my profile

    I already solved this problem thanks
  13. SahJ

    share in my profile

    Okay, thanks, I saw the documentation and found this, but it just lets me share it with friends, not on my facebook board
  14. Hi, How do I get the share button so the user can share his score?