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  1. Matty77

    Battleship - raw HTML game

    I don't think I've ever updated the browser on this phone. Same one since 2014.
  2. Matty77

    Battleship - raw HTML game

    Samsung S4 Galaxy - standard default inbuilt browser.
  3. Matty77

    Wiz Arena 2

    If the phone is too small you can always play on a bigger screen ( joke) This is at work near my desk....
  4. Matty77

    Battleship - raw HTML game

    Tried it on mobile....couldn't get past this:
  5. Matty77

    Wiz Arena 2

  6. Matty77

    Wiz Arena 2

    Here's a simple game I knocked up with my own engine .. about 3 hrs work total... My highest score is 925 points (on mobile)
  7. Matty77

    [wip] 'The Young Prince' - party based rpg

    The full map......low res and high res
  8. A simple strategy created in a few days. Development log
  9. Screenshots look excellent - love the look and the game is exactly my sort of game. Will play and rate now.
  10. Matty77

    What was your most complex html5 game ?

    A Knight's War is moderately complex but has had negligible response. In 2015 I wrote a highly complex 3d Android space strategy with full on space battles, spent $6000 building it (media assets), $2000 marketing it, served over 1.5 million ads promoting it on various ad networks.... for 3 sales. Made it free after 3 months and had 100 downloads. Gave up trying to earn income from games after that effort.
  11. Matty77

    [WIP] Classic Space Adventure

    Absolutely brilliant!! Love the video
  12. Matty77

    App Store Idea

    See attached image. Idea I have for a community styled 'app store'. Localised developers (per city) produce apps restricted by geographic location of developer. Multiple app sites ie Melbourne might be one. Users restricted by local region or at least can filter by zone. Eg find all apps developed near your locality. By tightening and reducing the size of regions can promote interactivity between communities of users and developers in same city/suburb across the globe. Allow for greater communication between local developer groups and possibility of users meeting home town developers. Like Google play etc but split by geographical location of developers and users.
  13. I just get a black screen but music plays. On Samsung 9.6 inch tablet. Screenshots in thread looks good though
  14. Matty77

    Labyrinth Maze Game

    It's quite nice. Reminds me of a 3d pacman I played 30 years ago.
  15. Matty77

    Hello - new user - Matty (me)

    Redid my games website page (html5 games - 3 of them, and 1 android game not html5)