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  1. Greetings again, I've started work on a new game inspired by my own work on 'star scavengers' This game is a party based rogue-like rpg sort of thing where you have a randomly generated team of 4 characters and can visit towns, dungeons and so on. Towns have shops such as: 1. Shops for buying equipment 2. Libraries for buying magic spells 3. Taverns for hiring replacement team members 4. Temples for curing diseases, healing illnesses and so on. Dungeons come in two flavours: Quest dungeons and non quest dungeons. Non Quest dungeons are 'at the level of the player' and reset after being cleared after a time. Quest dungeons related to the main quest which is: ....rescue the 'Young Prince' from the evil Liche who has kidnapped him. So the gameplay will be that the player moves around a map, fights monsters and clears out dungeons to level up, does stuff in towns to assist them, and reaches sufficient power/level to fight against the 3 boss monsters around the map. here is a screenshot of development so far and - here is a weblink to the game so far (not much to see except a map on clicking the first screen - this is just for dev purposes...testing to see if the map generator works.)
  2. Matty77

    [wip-desktop] Star Scavengers

    Gameplay video:
  3. It is very pretty, very polished. I tried it on my mobile (s4 samsung galaxy) but it runs about 10 frames per second. Will try on desktop later.
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    [wip-desktop] Star Scavengers

    Wip update. Idle chatter added Zombies go splat Mission over screen painted and created. Credits and artefacts added. And more.... Bugs fixed too and I know there's some more in there.... (that's what happens in a rush build over a week outside a full time job!)
  5. Greetings again. I've entered another game comp (Sept-Oct on syntaxbomb) this time working on a sci fi exploration squad game called 'Star Scavengers'. It's in the early stages but you can see it here so screenshots below attached
  6. Good Morning html5devers... From May to June this year I built 'A Knights War' for a game comp. (Site syntaxbomb). It is a turn based fantasy strategy of order vs chaos. There are three modes of play: Single player campaign. Two player hotseat. Online multiplayer (this uses some php in addition to html5). The game can be found through the first link on my web page here: On the development side it was written in pure javascript using a loose framework I've built for myself over the past two or three years. Screenshots: (attached)
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    Hello - new user - Matty (me)

    Hello there, as a new user I thought I'd introduce myself - 'hi there!' My name is Matt and I'm from Melbourne Australia. I enjoy making games in a variety of languages but love the simplicity of html5 for doing so. Strategy games and the occasional arcade game are my style of games that I like to make. I work as a programmer during the day doing business software but in my spare time I'm a hobbyist coder of games (and other things) My two latest games are 'A Knight's War' and 'Star Scavengers'(in progress) - both entered for a hobby game comp over a 6-8 week period. Thanks for stopping by. Oh....two pics of my game titles: