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  1. My typescript was 3.3.1 I think so 😁 but I'm sure that is newer than your... Please make a video when you create animation and sound I hate reading 😁 video gives me more informtion I have a little and simple code for teleporting🤑 But I'm waiting to find a tutorial for others☺
  2. in this link there are two packages , one of them is older than the other .... i have problem with the new one ..... https://github.com/BabylonJS/Exporters/pull/330/commits/4f9da4ea7bf5a9e8f478e827cca10cb9228de9b3 and i solve it with change the code.... but i don't recommend you to do it its not for experts :)) the old one doesn't have any vs code in user preference but the new one it does.... i gave the error what it needs "float32Array" and make it quiet :)) 1- after you install your packAGE GO TO THE FOLDER THAT HAS ERROR and open the file that has error 2-change code leftBounds?: number[] | null; and rightBounds?: number[] | null; to leftBounds?: number[] | Float32Array; rightBounds?: number[] | Float32Array; and save it (i think this two code is for teleport controller .... and it use for vr) 3- it works after that (i don't know why) :)) but this one is just install your package .... i hope you can create code for playing sound playing animations and ...... and put it in this page .... i want really learn it... i didn't find any tutorial for that
  3. Yes i have to learn it but teaching is so important .... I'm gonna to use blend4web as I said ... now I found a solution for gazing too(just not sleeping one night) ... I didn't find gazing (as I said I hate searching in a lot of written stuff) but I solve it with put an object in front of camera and make camera as a parent of it so I have pointer(the behaviour is exactly like Pointer)( for me it is better beacuse i Want to Change Cursor And With Babylon i have to suffer the whole internet just to find a simple changing .... and a good thing for me is that I can change the pointer to whatever shape that I like... ( but in Babylon you have to begg for just changing the loader page And all of them was like Secret beacuse Babylon group like to have own Icon ) all things were customized ... https://www.youtube.com/user/ianscott888 This is one of the person who teach blend4web... I recommend you that you do it like this guy ...if you Want to publish your package .... And Make it easy .... then you can encourage people to use your package.... I will wait for your new tutorial as you said Good luck🍀
  4. So I have to stuck until you create the tutorial.... and then begin to start with unity package I found a new framework as I said blend4web ... I found a lot of tutorials on youtoub... every expert persons in this framework have own blog and they teach step by step stuffs... now I can create realistic material and scene play sound(the cool Thing in Sound is the Volume depends in how Far is it from camera),play animation and create a web vr ... and I learned all of them in one or two days... it used html and json and JavaScript... it has physics and loading is good enough....and I can teleport camera very smoothly and nice But I have to find out the gazing event in web vr.... beacuse it doesn't have any pointer in web vr view... I don't know Babylon has a parser for json or not .... I don't like asking a lot and run before person and I'm not a person who like to write a lot... it's for me boring But I can easily use it in aframe too ... beacuse it used html and JavaScript... And when I used Babylon in blender and export it as babylon ....I lose my materials and the light was limited to just 3 but in this new one I can have a lot of light🦊 I don't give up beacuse I have to write my master these 🐌🐌🐌 I have to find some frame work that gives me all of my needs without stuck into it... I just have 6 month not my whole life
  5. As an unexpert person I have to add some advices for this forum. Babylon seems for getting start very cool... It shows that Babylon framework has something cool ( specially when I saw the page from zero to hero webvr) but for a pity when you get into it... it seems it is for experts... and unexpert developer should run and ask always question (for a lot of stupid questions) from the persons who know more.... and begging to answer and learning.... This forum is just for showing that how you are professional. For just understanding some little stuff you have to write a lot blah blah blah in this forum. And at the end your problem is still in the darkness ... And you have to start to write a new blah blah blah in forum It likes stuck into hell. At first I choosed babylon and I prefered it to aframe ... because it has physics.... But then I recognized it is very slower than it ..... And loading is fucking slow .... But I wanted to try it and then I saw just a little introduction to export My blender file to Babylon... ( as I said it was cool just for start) But how can I create a realistic scene .... it was a point of darkness... Then I used Babylon editor that it was always crashing during my changing material. And there is just a simple tutorials there and of course some expert people show how cool they create their stuff and create volumetric light in scene.... But it wasn't fucking important for me what professional people can do... I want to know how i can do it for myself... It likes advertise in tv that shows how good is their products and when you buy it , it's just a bullshit stuff, That you have to stuck into it.and you have to call the producers I just want to say instead of showing your cool thing in videos .... teach it in your smug videos .. Yes you'r dude... when you put your videos that show how the other can learn , you will seem more dude and cool... Or mayby you want to sell yourself through showing yourself? I have to mention that unexpert people is more than experts .... and if just experts can easily write program with babylon it's not a user-friendly frame work.... I don't want to create a cube and a simple light With boring materials.... If blender or unity or .... are common to use because for every thing they have a lot of tutorials in youtoub, and they teach them step by step not just a froum with a lot of blah blah blah
  6. 1- 2- 3- 4- these are all of my messages in consoles... and i sent you an email tooo razieh.zivaralam@gmail.com the messages in consol is the same as the message when i use unity 2018,1,5,1f..... but the new one its not working ...
  7. is it possible that we have a realistic light...
  8. when i download this package ..... i dont have the Vscode in preference .... so i have to download both package that you chanched it in github.... at first i have to download Babylon Editor Toolkit 2018-08.unitypackage (this package give me vsCode but i have error with typescript) and then i have to download the other one Babylon Editor Toolkit.unitypackage (this package slove the problem with typescript) as you see my babylon is not babylon.js and and i just have the options from the old package .... I want the options that you have and you explained it
  9. this video is the way that i did it in Unity 2018.1.5f1 (64-bit) .... it works but when i do it in another unity version it dosent work and i cant see the scene i can just see the the brwon scen like the last video .... but in unity 2018.1.5f1 (64-bit) i can check the options in camera rig and make Vr button
  10. i made a video and i will show you through this video what i did .... Note: this video is made with Unity 2018.2.10f1 (64-bit) and the camera is not working i will create a new video in Unity 2018.1.5f1 (64-bit) and i will show you that the camera works true sorrybut it will show just 1 minute of my video
  11. Thank you so so 😁 if it is possible for you ... Please explain something such as: how can i Handel an event( gazing for example) on Unity .... i did it With actionmanager ... i will Make a Video And i will Show you tomorrow what i did.... beacuse my Camera teleporting Works when i don't Click on vr Button. And if it's possible Please give me the package that i can use your new possibility in Unity such as a new babylon running Windows in unity😊 I wish you the best... And lots of success 🤗
  12. No it's not problem... I am very thanksful for your package 🤘⚘ But in your tutorial ... ( the video) you didn't use any camera rig and controller.. you just easily used it... I was just so excited to know what I did mistake .. And unfortunately I cannot see the stuff that you use in your new package and you explained it in your tutorial.. I found it very cool... for example you use a Windows for Babylon and you run your project in unity ... it was very interesting.... But my Babylon explorer is just like before ... and I don't have these cool options .... I'm a learner, so I looked your videos and i was so excited to learn all thing you done in your videos... but it's for me so pitty that I don't have it😦 So don't think so that, I just make a questions to learn more and more... And I will be thanksfull if you answer my questions because it helps me to write my master these...😊
  13. hi @MackeyK24 i add both files that you changed it ( now for compiling typescript i dont have any problem ) but as i said : 1- i can work just with unity Unity 2018.1.5f1 (64-bit) 2- i have to attach a camera rig to main camera ( and set camera inpt to auto camera user input 3- i have to attach default sence controller to an objectin scene
  14. i tested but unfortunatlly its like before and the babylon exporter is like before tooo
  15. i have to download new versions of unity .... i will try to download unity 2018.2.10f1 ... but i tried it with my old one it didnt change any thing (as you said)