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  1. i have some shadows bake from blender and all my objects in scene are static .... and i dont need that babylon make for me shadows...... as i know in unity i have to just add my shaows to occulusion in material .... now my question is how can i add my own shadows to babylon
  2. razieh

    Babylon.js WebVR in Unity3D

    anybody knows how can i access to event such as clicking or gazing in babylon toolkit i didnt find any enough source in internet i need to teleport with gazing play animation which is opening the door s when in gaze event and i need change my cursor when i gaze or when im not im gazing event
  3. now im working with unity and babylonjs .... but there isnt a good tutorial to get into it ... with unity i can design .... but now i dont know how can write my script ... i found just two video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq-p9EqhaWE https://www.babylontoolkit.com/videos/GettingStarted.mp4 it was helpfull but i want more event like clicking gazing teleport to some where im writing script for gear vive ... i saw some option to check it and use the webvr but the event i dont know about it :(((((
  4. its sounds cool but if you have a webverfrecamera ? how can you change the position of camera
  5. razieh

    GearVR and Occulus Go

    i have a question i want to know how can i teleport with just clicking on a button or gazing in scene actully i dont want to use Teleport Controller .... i just want to teleport with gazing
  6. razieh

    How do you teleport in vive/steamvr ?

    i have a question ....๐Ÿ˜ญ is it possible that we teleport just with gazing on target(for a few second) in Scene instead of clicking on a button on Gearviv? if yes๐Ÿ˜„ how ?