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  1. "This product is not currently for sale."
  2. @Pau, Do you find the solution? Using dynamic layer instead of static, seems doesn't work for me.
  3. There is another way to tween colors - using interpolation and tweening its value. Here is example for Phaser 2: For Phaser 3 use `Phaser.Display.Color.Interpolate.ColorWithColor()` static method instead of `Phaser.Color.interpolateColor()` and `onUpdate`, `onUpdateParams` parameters of tween config instead of `onUpdateCallback`.
  4. Realy strange, all the more so only the `body.collideWorldBounds` is resets to default value, but `body.onWorldBounds` not...
  5. I have the same issue, even if I disable touching.down and blocked.down checking. The character can jump when standing on bottom world bound, but not on the tilemap layer. Collisions handled correctly - the character can walk on tiles.
  6. Hi! There are a lot problems with this code, since you didn't follow the tutorial. First, you don't see pipes because of level restarts before function addRowOfPipes called, if you disable "game.state.restart();" you'll see error in console "pipe is undefined", since you not assign pipe sprite to pipe variable. Than, you have duplicated declaration of addOnePipe and addRowOfPipes. Also I'll suggest you to learn how to use group that you create "this.pipes =;", instead of adding pipes as separate sprites through custom function. And another big problem that you are use default state and global variables (I assume you got this approach from another tutorial) instead of separate state and it properties as in the tutorial. In your code mainState, which you try to start is just empty variable.
  7. Hi, very interesting, how did you made so smooth 2d ball animations? Is it "standard" phaser animation based on spritesheet? How many frames should be in such spritesheet?