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  1. A short background. I finished the "First Game project" made for Phaser 3 - Also, I used this neat phaser-cli (scaffolding):, which I used for the project. Finally, got that all together and working -, but wanted to experiment and expand the project with a simple "pause menu". Pause menu is not working as expected, it gets to PauseScene and takes it off to get back to PlayScene, but: 1. PlayScene gets reset (instead of continue where it was paused, that is my assumption of how it should work) 2. If arrow keys were pressed during pressing the "pause key", they kind of "lock up" and the player object, constantly gets input, despite the arrow key not being pressed. I hope someone can help me out. I looked over the lab examples, the API docs, this forum, nothing that was obvious for me. PauseScene.js - scene run/pause implentation line 24 PlayScene.js - scene run/pause implentation line 95