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  1. mikecsmith

    Phaser 3 with GameAnalytics error in WKWebView

    Updating to 2.1.5 fixed it as a heads up.
  2. mikecsmith

    Phaser 3 with GameAnalytics error in WKWebView

    Hey all, Incase anyone else has this issue - seems like it was on the GA JavaScript SDK github repo all along: https://github.com/GameAnalytics/GA-SDK-JAVASCRIPT/issues/27 Just attempting to update from 2.1.2 to 2.1.5 to see if it resolves it. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hi, I'm currently in the process of creating an iOS and Android app which are effectively WebView's which render a Phaser 3 game in browser. The Android version of this works perfectly but the iOS app wasn't rendering the game at all. On a fairly deep dive using Azure's App Insights we managed to track down the issue to GameAnalytics. For some reason GameAnalytics is giving a JavaScript error when called from inside a WKWebView but works perfectly when called from inside normal Safari on the same iOS device. Has anyone encountered this issue before or does anyone have any insights? Thanks! Mike