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  1. MadnessOfMadara

    Importing local meshes

    Didn't use data, but you did send me on the correct path. Used file: instead and got the file object from file input. Thanks.
  2. MadnessOfMadara

    Importing local meshes

    I am having difficulty loading a model from my local drive as opposed to from the internet. The problem has to due with loading from local really fucks things up for some reason. I know it's the local load because I took the mixamo in your example and it works fine when from your server, but not my local. And for the application I have in mind, I need clients to upload locally. Can anyone help me? BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("","","",scene, function (meshes, particleSystems, skeletons)
  3. MadnessOfMadara

    Babylon animation vs animationClip

    While fiddling around with the examples, I opened the dummy3.babylon of the weighted animation example and found that it does not have "animation", but has animationClips? Trying to access animation through the animations property gives you an error as the property is undefined, but you can get the animationClips from the AnimationRange method. I am curious how this is possible and the pros and cons.