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  1. Mobler

    Loading assets with npm manager you can install
  2. Mobler

    Loading assets

    You need a web server on a local machine. I use gulp + gulp-sunc
  3. Mobler


    What do you mean? more details please
  4. Mobler


    I've seen IAP in same instants game and have api for it. Maybe you don't set config for purchase? FBInstant.payments.purchaseAsync({ productID: '11' }).then(function (purchase) { // {productID: '12345', purchaseToken: '54321', developerPayload: 'foobar', ...} }); FB game and FB instans game, may not be linked in one database, becouse FB provide different user id, for one user.
  5. For FB intant game run in local test-instant-games. It will be preferably. Also, you can create a test app in production, and experiment there. my development: local -> development server -> production server
  6. HI, show how do you use preventDefault´╗┐. I don't now how work 'Panda 2', but in JS i write something like that window.addEventListener( "keydown", (evt)=> { var keyCode = evt.keyCode; if (keyCode != 0 && keyCode == 8) { // your code is here evt.preventDefault(); } } ); I hope this helps you
  7. Mobler

    load text by language

  8. Mobler

    [Phaser] Cricket Hero

    nice game)
  9. Mobler

    Minako Vs Zombies - New Phaser Game

    Do you have web version?
  10. it depends on many factors (animations, transformation, shaders?, etc.) I think isn't going to be a problem. Agree, e.g. Phaser. (or other game framework)