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    Loading assets with npm manager you can install
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    Loading assets

    You need a web server on a local machine. I use gulp + gulp-sunc
  3. I've seen IAP in same instants game and have api for it. Maybe you don't set config for purchase? FBInstant.payments.purchaseAsync({ productID: '11' }).then(function (purchase) { // {productID: '12345', purchaseToken: '54321', developerPayload: 'foobar', ...} }); FB game and FB instans game, may not be linked in one database, becouse FB provide different user id, for one user.
  4. For FB intant game run in local test-instant-games. It will be preferably. Also, you can create a test app in production, and experiment there. my development: local -> development server -> production server
  5. HI, show how do you use preventDefault´╗┐. I don't now how work 'Panda 2', but in JS i write something like that window.addEventListener( "keydown", (evt)=> { var keyCode = evt.keyCode; if (keyCode != 0 && keyCode == 8) { // your code is here evt.preventDefault(); } } ); I hope this helps you
  6. it depends on many factors (animations, transformation, shaders?, etc.) I think isn't going to be a problem. Agree, e.g. Phaser. (or other game framework)